I write boring blog posts in the early morning after staying up late sewing

Thanks to hand-me-downs from sisters and cousins and the occasional thing I can’t resist buying, Rose has a lot of dresses, and Hazel has almost double what Rose has. But Mabel is starting to be a size where I find fewer tempting things to buy for her, and I don’t find time to sew for her even though I’d like to, or when I start to I find out all my patterns and yardages are for smaller sizes. So Mabel has very few dressy things.

Dean’s dad is getting married tomorrow so I thought that was a good impetus to make Mabel a new dress to wear to the wedding. I made a good start on the dress earlier this week, and then tonight I told myself that if I can sometimes stay up until 2 AM just reading stuff on the internet, I could surely stay up that late sewing for Mabel.

But I had had an idea for an embellishment that ended up taking a long time to do, and now that that’s finally done, most of the actual sewing still isn’t done. We don’t have to leave tomorrow until early afternoon, but I think I’d probably better not even try to finish in the morning, since we do need to get the other kids ready and, you know, eat breakfast. Also, my 2 AM theory didn’t properly take into account the fact that I seem to be coming down with a cold. Also, I hate sewing under duress. And I’d be all the more disappointed if I got closer to finishing tomorrow, but still didn’t. (And I don’t want to just sew the main seams and safety pin the closure and tape the hem, because I don’t want the raw edges to get stretched out.)

I did tell Mabel I might not get it done, and she was still excited to get a new dress even if not by tomorrow, so I guess I’m the only one who’s having a hard time letting it go.

But then I wrote a blog post and that helped me let it go. Going, going, gone. At least the dress will almost certainly be done in time for Mabel to wear it on Sunday.

P.S. The funny thing is that I rarely ever pull late nights sewing any more. I got cured the time that I wanted to finish a dress for my niece in time to mail it the next morning, so I stayed up all night sewing and then could barely stay awake for the ten-minute drive to the post office the next day, and even had to nap in my car after I shipped the package before I could make it safely home. So I gave up late-night sewing. Now if I can just give up late-night reading and late nights on the internet, I’ll be healthy and wealthy and wise.

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7 Responses to I write boring blog posts in the early morning after staying up late sewing

  1. mary says:

    Haha, I win!
    You only stay up till 2 with the internet, but here I am at 3:30 reading your blog!
    I think that makes me the loser.
    I forget.
    What were we playing?
    I’m sleepy.

  2. mary says:

    It really is 3:30, I’m not cheating, the time on my last comment is wrong, it’s trying to make me look like a liar.

    • zstitches says:

      Yeah, I think my WordPress clock like’s California’s schedule better than mine, or it doesn’t honor Daylight Savings or something. So I believe you, especially since my post said it was posted at 1:41 AM but I know for a groggy-eyed fact that it was posted an hour later than that.

    • zstitches says:

      P.S. Your reading my blog at 3:30 AM or any other time is a win. In fact, it’s a win-win. I think it’s even a win-win-win-win (but don’t make me come up with substantiation for that).

  3. Jason says:

    I love double hads and double thats–and in the same sentence!. I also love double dos, which you almost accomplished with a done here and a done there.

    Love you Niece.

    (Also hope you don’t mind I posted Mabel’s smash hit Popular on my FB stream.)

    • zstitches says:

      Sometimes I try to work around had hads and that thats, but sometimes I keep them because they say what I mean. You did confuse me for a minute since in one version of this post (yes, I do make editorial changes even to my early-morning posts) I had said that Rose had a lot of dresses and Hazel had “double that.” So I thought you meant you liked the specific words “double that,” but when I looked I hadn’t used those words in this later version. (Pshew.)

      I’m fine with the video being shared–I think. (I do kind of wish Dean hadn’t used her first name in the titling, and I would have made him change it but it’s right in the video itself.) I told one neighbor about the video and apparently it’s been going viral in our neighborhood.

  4. Acheté says:

    If you can swing sewing a dress under duress, you can add one letter to anything.

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