Follow the Mormon Pioneers on Twitter

I keep telling family members I’ll send them the link for this, but finally figured out which link to send them, so here it is.

I think you can just click “Follow this list” instead of following the individual pioneer identities.

If I understand how this works, there are 13 writers who are using excerpts from old journals and writings to create “real-time” Tweets from the original 1847 Pioneer trek to the Salt Lake Valley. I’ve also been told that 2010 is on the same calendar (dates to days of the week) as 1847. I’ve been following this for a couple of months and it’s been fascinating–for example, a little while ago a lot of the pioneers had mountain fever, and a lot of my family and friends in 2010 had fevers, too. Also, it’s interesting to me that there’s still suspense even when you know the ultimate outcome.

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2 Responses to Follow the Mormon Pioneers on Twitter

  1. Annette says:

    It’s been fascinating to follow! I got to go through Heber C. Kimball’s journals and make his tweets–but seeing them pop up in real time along with the other figures from history is really amazing. It makes the history come alive in a way nothing else can–and shows their personalities (turns out that yep, they were human!).

    • zstitches says:

      Now I’ll have to pay extra attention to which tweets are his. So you did them all ahead of time and then it’s auto-set to post? I have really loved this. (However, I must admit I haven’t signed up for the other Twhistory offerings yet because it sounded confusing to follow two different events. I think I need to learn how to use following lists in Twitter.)

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