Tinker, tailor

Cutting mat? Check.

Rotary cutter? Check.

Measuring tape? Check.

Straight edge? Check.

Sewing project?  Not even.

This has something to do with water rockets.  (What exactly, I don’t yet know.)

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3 Responses to Tinker, tailor

  1. grandma weight says:

    I was going to throw away an old mat of mine–but Trace grabbed it up. They are useful for so many things!

  2. danithew says:

    Details. More details.

    • zstitches says:

      All in good time . . . 🙂

      Now, if we can get him to log into Facebook more than once a year, he could tell you himself. Which is a big if. Of course, once it’s done he’ll put it all on his site.

      I’ll tell you what I do know, though: He wants to reshape 5-gallon water bottles to make them more aerodynamic, so he built a model of the shape he wanted from foam, then smoothed the surface. (In the step pictured here he was cutting some shiny adhesive-backed stuff to cover the foam, and then he lacquered over that.) Now he’s working with plaster or cement to make a mold of that shape. Then he wants to put the bottles into his mold and fill them with steam and pressure until they conform to the shape of the mold.

      THEN he wants to use his jumbo water rockets to launch a weight as heavy as a person. Actually, I think he really wants to launch an actual person, but has assured me he won’t without first determining it’s truly safe. I have my doubts that it can be made safe, but we’ll cross that bridge (or in other words have that argument) when we come to it.

      I hope he won’t mind my betraying his trade secrets here–at least I buried it in the comments, right? If you see this comment disappear, you’ll know he wasn’t ready for any unveiling at all.

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