No spoilers, please

Rose is wearing her leotard with tights and black Sunday shoes, and she asked me to braid her hair and put bows on the braids.  She says she wants to take a ballerina class.  I tell her I hope to put her in some sort of dance class this fall.  She says, “Mom, you know where I really want to go? Disneyland. Every one of my friends has been to Disneyland except for me.”

“Well, we’re probably going to Disneyland next February.”

“Yeah. That’s in a different year, isn’t it?”

“It’s about a half a year from now, yeah.”

“Well, you know what annoys me?  My friends always want to tell me about Disneyland, and I don’t want to hear about different lands before I go there.  They start to tell me about lands where they went, and I say, ‘Stop, don’t tell me any more!’ and they say, ‘Let me just tell you about one more little thing.’  But I don’t want to hear about it until I get to explore lands with my family.”

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2 Responses to No spoilers, please

  1. Lili says:

    Oh my stinkin’ cute

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