Summer fun

Mabel designed the sign and had Rose and Henry draw the faces on the lemons.  I thought that was a clever way to harness their creative efforts while keeping the sign legible.

To me it’s always seemed like false advertising to call Country Time “lemonade,” but since I’ve been served worse (lukewarm watery Kool-Aid) for more (50 cents) at other kids’ lemonade stands, I gave permission for the kids to use the powdered stuff.

I didn’t give permission for the candy–I only found out about that when I came outside to take photos.  Mabel said they hadn’t been getting much business and needed to add an incentive.

I also didn’t know Mabel had gathered sawdust from Dean’s workshop floor to pack around a bowl of ice in a shoebox, to insulate it.  Apparently this actually worked fairly well.

After a lot of bell-ringing, they made 70 cents.

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2 Responses to Summer fun

  1. Megan says:

    Mabel is so smart. I’m impressed with her understanding of marketing (free candy), thermodynamics, and management. Does she plan to set up shop next week?

  2. Virginia Wood says:

    Aunt Ginger has an absolutely amazing Lemonade Stand that sits in the garage waiting for some little tykes to want to use it. Actually, nobody could possibly use it now because Aunt Ginger can’t get her garage door open, at all! Wish Mabel and Henry were here to sell lemonade at my curb. I promise they would make more than 70 cents.

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