I couldn’t be prouder

Isaac:  “Mom, is ‘Je te casserai la tête’ gramatically correct?”

Me:  “Yes, that’s exactly right.  Have you heard the ‘Alouette’ song?  ‘Je te plumerai la tête, je te plumerai la tête’–I’ll pluck your head.  And then in the other verses he plucks other parts of the lark.”

Ike:  “No, I’ve never heard that.”

Me:  “So  you just figured out how to say ‘I’ll break your head’ all by yourself?”

Ike: “Yeah.”

Me: “VERY good.”

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7 Responses to I couldn’t be prouder

  1. Acheté says:

    Busting buttons over this way, too. “I will break your head” IN IDIOMATICALLY CORRECT FRENCH. You will go far, my boy, you will go far.

  2. Lili says:

    VERY good!

  3. Erin says:

    Wait – how does he know the french for it? I’m very impressed. (And I’m impressed that your French was excellent too, with the accent and everything.)

    • zstitches says:

      He just finished a year of 7th-grade French. But he didn’t learn future tense yet, I don’t think. I ought to have good French since I served a mission in Francophone Belgium and France, but I don’t always keep it up.

  4. Michelle Younker says:

    wow, my kids only know threats in English, you sure are a lucky mom!!!

  5. marymary says:

    This warms my heart so — and makes me nostalgic for my own similar second-language-acquisition-related childhood joys. “Je bave” comes to mind.

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