The secret to long-term, consistent blogging

I’ve been feeling like giving up on this blog, because I’d like to move it to a self-hosted site and redesign my template, and also I’m feeling sheepish that my sidebar family photos are more than a year old, but I don’t feel like updating them, partly because I don’t have a newer family photo (not that I had a real family photo even then) and what is wrong with me that I don’t ever just get photos taken of my family, anyway?  Also I should probably back up my blog and I don’t know how and don’t feel like I have time to learn, and it’s all just too much and I should just quit.

But then I came back to my senses and reminded myself of all the wisdom I’ve acquired over the past couple years of blog-writing, which I will now generously share with you:

Zina’s sage advice* on keeping a blog going even if you have a real life

1. Keep up the old sidebar photos.  People want to remember what your family looked like in 2009.

2. A banner with bunnies playing instruments is perfect for any season.

3. Don’t try to say anything important or thoughtful or substantial.

4. When a stupid thought pops into your head, hurry and blog about it.  Don’t stop to think about whether it is worth sharing or even makes sense.

5. Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, bunnies

*I can also offer parsley advice, rosemary advice, and thyme advice, if you want it.

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18 Responses to The secret to long-term, consistent blogging

  1. the MomB says:

    Please don’t stop blogging.

    *I want it.

    • zstitches says:

      Parsley is good with almost everything, and makes adorable stems for little cheese pumpkins and leaves for little cheese carrots. Rosemary is delicious with fried or roasted potatoes, and various meats. Thyme is nasty in taffy.

  2. Kristina P. says:

    Just replace bunnies with Snuggie, and I am with you.

  3. Mikilani says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! Great post! I needed to hear this. If my blog was a garden it would be overgrown with weeds…

    BTW, you should have “Forever Young” play whenever anyone clicks on your family picture.

  4. Stephen says:

    I, for one, would feel bereft. Please doan go.

  5. Acheté says:

    Just keep up the sage, timely persiflage. That, and keep Rose merry.

  6. Life is busy. Blogs are secondary. You have my permission to be as outdated and bunnified as you wish.

  7. American Yak says:

    I love thy blog to bits. Let me know if you ever would need assistance backing it up.

    • zstitches says:

      I hope to take you up on that soon. I could also use some help if I move to a self-hosted site; I think I’ll still want to use WordPress freeware but I’ll want a different template.

  8. the MomB says:

    I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!! THAT IS PROBABLY MY FAVORITE BUNNY OF ALL TIME (Lili cleaned him up w/photoshop (I also have an Easter message version) and I put him on the desktop of the backroom computer at work)!

  9. Jen says:

    I dig this post. I need to back mine up, too, so if it’s not so bad and you want to post a tutorial, I will not complain.

  10. Rachel Sue says:

    We don’t get family pictures done either. Which I don’t love, but I really detest organizing the whole thing, so I guess it’s my own fault.

    I have no idea how to back up my blog either. I should really look into that.

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