The parable of the peanuts and the cashews

I remembered my imaginary post from yesterday (although in my imagination it was a lot longer).  It’s a true story my family’s heard me tell lots of times.

The setting was our one-bedroom basement apartment in Amman, Jordan, when Dean and I were newlyweds.  We had a bag of mixed peanuts and cashews.  Dean was at work and I was eating them while I read a book.  I don’t like peanuts very much, so I ate all the peanuts first, leaving only pure, undiluted cashews.  Then I  went to work and came home to find that Dean had eaten all the cashews.  I said, “There’s no delayed gratification in marriage!”  Dean answered, “But there’s lots of gratification.”

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One Response to The parable of the peanuts and the cashews

  1. Jen says:

    Hahaha. My husband does not eat tree nuts, but he eats legumes, so peanuts and cashews are fair game to him. Sadly, this made him buy a bunch of peanut chocolate bars the other day, but no almond ones, which I would have infinitely preferred.

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