As well as your catalogues

Update:  Dean says the email has nothing to do with electrolysis or anything other than that they could have found him with a keyword search for CO2.

Probably it is evil of me to post this, but I’ll have to live with that.  Dean has a water rocket website with lots of technical information, and he also has an unpublished page with information on building an electrolysis cell [redacted irrelevant info] etc. Anyway, he gets funny email pertaining to his site, like kids with high school science projects asking him to do their whole project for them.  And he just got this one:

Dear Sirs,

we are [redacted company name] , Egypt, we need 3 refilling system for CO2 food grade.

pls send your offer as well as yr best delivery time.

also pls send full details and specs, as well as your catalogues.

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One Response to As well as your catalogues

  1. Rose says:

    So its from somebody who spends way too much time texting…..
    Lol ;D

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