Little blue flowers, magic thread, secrets

Dean: “Those nasturtiums I planted for you are starting to grow.”

Zina: “That’s awesome.”

Dean: “This one has a little blue flower starting to come out.”

Zina: “Nasturtiums don’t usually have blue flowers–let me see.  Oh.  Yeah, that’s not a nasturtium.”

Dean: “Then what is it?  A weed?”

Zina: “I don’t know.  Probably.”

Dean: “I guess that means this one’s a weed, and this one’s a weed, and this one’s a weed. Is this one a nasturtium?”

Zina: “Um, no. Nasturtium leaves are round and flat.  I think that one’s a weed, too.  Well, the nasturtiums could still come up.  I think it takes six to eight weeks.  And it was sweet of you to plant them for me.”

Mabel:  “Are you using a glue stick on fabric?”

Zina:  “Yes.  It’s basting glue.”

Mabel: “Are you going to sew it, too?”

Zina: “Yes, definitely.  Basting is to hold something in place temporarily, and you usually do it with long running stitches, but this glue washes out so it’s even easier.”

Mabel:  “That’s cool.”

Zina: “It is cool.  Did you know I also have dissolving thread?  It dissolves in water.”

Mabel: “Really?  What would you want that for?”

Zina: “Well, you know how you sew two pieces of fabric right sides together and then turn them right side out, and the edges are on the inside?  So, if you wanted to do an applique–like, you know the cherries on that red gingham top I made for you? Those are appliques, and you know how the edges are turned under?  So if you wanted a circle applique, you could sew two circles together with dissolving thread, and turn it inside out and press it, and then you’d get the thread wet and you could pull the two pieces apart and the edges would be turned under.  So that’s one thing I use it for.”

Mabel:  “That’s cool.”

Zina: “It is cool.”

In a bookstore, Dean holds up Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan’s “Red Pyramid.”  He says, “Look, the first book in his new series is out.  Our copy is supposed to be coming from Amazon.”

Zina:  “It’s here.”

Dean: “It is?  When did it come?”

Zina: “Thursday afternoon.  No, Wednesday afternoon.”

Dean: “And you kept it a secret?”

Zina: “Yeah.  I almost told you and Ike several times because I couldn’t stand it, but I just wanted to see how long I could go without telling you.  I did tell Mabel last night because I was dying to tell someone.”

(Be it known that I only got a couple of chapters into the book because I was finishing a different one.  And now I’m letting Dean read it while I sew.)

Hazel was being extra cuddly with my lovely, lucky sister a few Sundays ago.

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4 Responses to Little blue flowers, magic thread, secrets

  1. Mrs. Organic says:

    I’m very impressed with how long you made it. Did you only tell because he mentioned it?

  2. Jen says:

    I just quilted my first piece with basting spray and loved it. However, there was a little gum on the bottom of my walking foot when I was done, so I’m hesitant to use it again now. I guess I’ll just have to be more careful or maybe trim the sticky batting off the sides after it’s basted. But then my scissors will get sticky. That thread sounds fun. I’ve heard of it at quilt guild before.

  3. danithew says:

    So someone came to you and said you had to write a blog post that used the words “basting”, “nasturtium” and “Percy” and this was all you could do?

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