Chirp, chirp: a couple weeks’ worth of my deepest thoughts from March

As long as my mom’s not on Twitter, I’ll have an excuse to keep re-posting my Tweets here.

Anything with an @ before it is a person’s Twitter ID, and “RT” means something has been “Retweeted.” Often I’ll put my response before a partial retweet.  Or sometimes my response comes after (I like to keep you guessing.) And some of these are responses to things I didn’t want to track down to put here. Also, anything with a # in front of it is a “hashtag” which means you can click on it and see everyone else’s Tweets on that topic, except that won’t work here, because I broke those links. Oh, and if you’ve never used Twitter at all, you should know that every Tweet can only be 140 characters long.

And away we go. (Note to myself for next cull:  these go through March 24th.)

@hollywillnot  You are correct, February is the worst. March has inklings of hope. If it were day, I’d take photos of my crocuses as proof.

Pretty! But the life-size dino my nephew drew on my sis’s floor in Sharpie probably wins. RT@kacyfaulconer orange Sharpie on hardwood floor.

Yes, but it’s not irrational. RT@book_mama [getting ready] to leave the little one for a week. Anyone else get irrationally super anxious…

Ugh, I could relate if you were talking about chocolate. Or a biodegradable foodstuff. RT@suelikestoblog To Twinkie or Not To Twinkie … ?

@MrsOrganic Amen abt. Invention of Lying. Made me lose any admiration for Gervais. Although Madonna was making him look like a comic genius

Er, Madonna was making him look like a comic genius by contrast on The Marriage Ref. Which isn’t saying much. Who knew Madonna

(Cont) Who knew Madonna was *cutesy*? (*I* didn’t know.) That was 5 minutes I’ll never get back.

Sewed 9-5 today making a t-shirt. It turned out ok, but I want to try another. 2 AM’s not too late for bed, right? (Darn Daylight Savings!)

I’m here, Twitter! The Twitter day may now begin. (But I’m leaving–keeping a promise to let a tot have a computer turn. So, never mind.)

@jet_set I read your last tweet as “Wool! It’s time to party!” which sounded pretty fun to me.Who doesn’t love wool?

The 3yo puts his arm in the wrong sleeve. I say “other arm,” so he tries to put his other arm in the other sleeve. We could do this all day!

I love this 1st grader’s wildlife essay:

Outside all of us is a place called “the wild”.

No spoilers! (Does the killer use a club? A Glee club?) RT BrianLynch GLEE is more fun if you pretend one of the chrctrs is a serial killer.

@suelikestoblog @jet_set So I read that Rielle Hunter interview–it’s like an infidelity version of the Screwtape Letters. NASTY! One wants

One wants to believe it’s just a really clever fictional character study.

@QueenScarlett You should hide a dot of green marker somewhere on yourself so you can pinch back 10 times. #strategiesfrommychildhood

It’s hard to bake a cake when I want to be asleep. I wish I knew how to sleepbake.

My 1yo was tapping my face with a Duplo. I smiled and she whacked me in the gums, making me cry.

Just got two little ones down for naps and the third woke up. It was fated to be thus, since I really really could use a nap myself today.

I need to make a goal to never spend another February in Utah.

I was about to do something but can’t remember what, and it’s driving me crazy. I’m pretty sure it’s not that I was about to eat a Red Vine.

(But I’d better eat a Red Vine, just in case.)

Wow, 9 feet 3 inches is a huge baby. RT @SeagullFountain My first was 9’3″

I still can’t remember what I was going to do and it’s still driving me crazy, but I did put the load in the dryer and eat a Red Vine.

I FINALLY REMEMBERED. It had nothing to do with laundry nor candy-needed to send an email. I miss the old days when my brain kind of worked.

Pound cake is a perfect breakfast for the baby, right? Eggs, flour, butter. And I’m at least as good a parent as Bill Cosby.

Saw the words “fresh trenches” on an email and assumed it was from Michael Yon (indie. war correspondent in Afghanistan). No, Nordstrom.

“It doesn’t matter if there’s tangles” = reason my 6YO thinks I shouldn’t brush her hair. I think my 9YO and 12YO share her belief.

@suelikestoblog My wiggly baby kept causing my shirt button to pop open during Sacrament Meeting one day. The most important button.

It turns out it’s hard to hold a hymnbook over your chest and button a button while still wrestling with a baby.

That wasn’t my first or only button malfunction, either, although I tend to block out the memories.

If you want people to read your latest blog post RIGHT NOW, you might not want to post it at 1:20 AM on a Friday night. (Just a hint.)

My 1YO crawling baby just brought me a clip earring I’d lost. I wonder what else she’ll find. Too bad I haven’t lost any gold coins.

Looking at dollhouse furniture for my DD’s b’day, sucked into an anti-reason mind control vortex. $60 for a pecan dining set? What a deal!

Did I mention we don’t even currently own a real-person dining set? (We use a garage sale table w/ wooden folding chairs. Classy.)

I’ve misplaced my camera, so of course my kids are especially adorable today. I’ve even groomed them. Why don’t I when my camera’s not lost?

Ha ha! They got you! RT @brenanders April 4th is National Tell a Lie Day. Shouldn’t that be on the 1st of April?

@QueenScarlett RT Speak with Conviction – Authority…and giggle …you know. /I watched that vid last week, and,

while I do deplore that West-Coast voice-going-up-at-the-end-of-a-sentence-that’s-not-a-question thing (it annoys me) I also

I also thought, “In my experience, LOTS of people speak with LOTS of conviction (often shown via the use of expletives).”

@HollyWillNot It’s easier to send an electronic message to hundreds abt. an apple-stealing dog than to take away the apple. Brave new world.

@HollyWillNot (BTW I was only expressing amazement abt. technology, not mocking you–I too find Tweeting far easier than dog-chasing.)

10 Tweets in 1 hour=at least that many important things I’m procrastinating.

Just knocked one unpleasant task off my list. I’ll be ready to tackle the next one after 8 more Tweets.

Note to yesterday-self who diffidently strolled past the Doritos: DON’T YOU KNOW HOW I SUFFER FOR YOUR SELF-CONTROL? NextTimeJustBuyThem

Anemia makes the blood thin but the wallet thick–no energy means no shopping. On the less-bright side, all my kids’ shoes are too small …

Or worn out, and I also don’t have energy for bargain-hunting. At least Spring is here; they can go barefoot, right?

I hate online shopping. No, really. The only thing I hate more is in-person shopping. (Online fabric shopping is one exception to my hatred.)

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