Fire in the belly

Rose, for about the umpteenth time: “Since we didn’t do anything for Earth Day yet, can we make circle cookies and put green and blue frosting on them so they look like Earth?”

Me: “It depends on whether you can find someone to make the cookies. I’m burned out on baking–”

Mabel:  “You’re burned out on baking? I made cookies last night!”

Me: “Okay, so Mabel’s burned out on baking, too–”

Dean: “Those brown cookies would be good Earth Day cookies–”

Me: “Yeah but they’re all gone.  Anyway, since I made three birthday cakes and a bunch of cupcakes last month, I’m burned out.  Baked out.”

Rose:  “You’re pooft out from making three cakes and three cupcakes.”

Me: “Booft out?”

Rose:  “Pooft out.  It’s like there’s a fire in your body when you have a celebration, but then it goes down–pooft–and you don’t feel like celebrating any more.”

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6 Responses to Fire in the belly

  1. Mrs. Organic says:

    I’m pooft out, period.

  2. Kristina P. says:

    I need something in my belly now.

  3. Thora says:

    Do you think I can feed my children a special food, and they’ll turn out like your children? I’d especially like a Mabel and a Rose (perhaps because I have females). Thank you.

    (Although clearly the food should not be earth day cookies, since Rose can’t get any).

    • zstitches says:

      Thanks, Thora! Of course my kids give me plenty of parenting challenges, many of which don’t get recorded here but which tax my patience and skills and send me to my knees in prayer a lot. But I do love my kids to death and usually enjoy them a great deal, too. I’m sure you have many delights ahead of you with your cute girls.

  4. debbie says:

    I say if you are only burnt out on baking, you are doing well!

  5. danithew says:

    We found a recipe for chocolate cake in a crock pot. We’re trying it out. For Earth Day, of course.

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