Worth it for the photos

My three daughters’ birthdays are all within just over a month of each other, following closely on Valentine’s Day and incorporating St. Patrick’s Day, with Easter usually somewhere in the mix, and April Fool’s Day marking the end of the season.  Sadly for me, this crunch of celebrations means I’ll probably never manage to sew birthday dresses nor Easter dresses for my girls.  And although I used to love planning parties and decorating cakes, it’s pretty hard to keep up my enthusiasm with so many in such a short time.  This year having anemia didn’t help, either.  In the end I thought everything turned out well, though. At least the girls’ birthdays are each a little more than two weeks apart.  And it’s definitely a yummy time of year.

Hazel started off the birthday season for us.  Here are just a few of the photos we took.  The instructions for decorating the cake came from a Martha Stewart Baby magazine.  The kids were excited that the vivid sunset reflecting off the mountain made it match Hazel’s cake.

Two-or-so weeks later when we had Rose’s birthday, we were about to cut the cake when we heard an unholy screeching.  The same thing happened on Mabel’s birthday.  Hazel now thinks all cakes are for her, and gets really mad if she doesn’t get the first slice.

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7 Responses to Worth it for the photos

  1. Mrs. Organic says:

    That cake is so cute, I’d have been hard-pressed to let anyone eat it. Great photo of you and Hazel.

  2. jennie w. says:

    I love Hazel’s cake and her dress. Good job!

  3. JoAnn says:

    it really does match the mountains! That’s so awesome!

    • zstitches says:

      Thank you! I was the photographer. That sunset was captured perfectly. That’s what it actually looked like!

  4. Aunt Ginger says:

    What a lucky Mom–Three beautiful girls! (And a beautiful Mom, too!)

    Aunt Ginger

  5. Very cute cake and very cute girls. And I especially love Hazel’s vintage style dress. Makes me want to have another baby girl just to dress her.

  6. Mikilani says:

    That is one beautiful little girl! Love the cake.

    And the dress.

    And the mountains.

    Looks like a perfect day. 🙂

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