I wouldn’t bury my ONE THOUSANDTH post so soon, but sometimes cute stuff just happens, and must be told

Rose and Henry are both wearing firefighter hats.

Henry extends his hands towards Rose and says, “PSSHHHHHHHHH!”

Rose asks, “Are you doing water at me, or fire?”


Also, in my last post I forgot to say that my second reaction after Dean suggested a chocolate tasting party was to look around and wonder how I got into a Brawny ad.

Antithetically, this Monday Dean made brownies for Family Home Evening, and I was pretty happy about it, since we’ve hit a post-Easter chocolate drought.  I was happy about it, that is, until I bit into one and discovered he’d added a secret ingredient of mashed banana.  It was even more cruel than an April Fool’s prank, since there was no holiday to put me on guard for cruelty.

He was genuinely sorry and hadn’t meant to disappoint me; he’d just forgotten how unholy I find it when, for example, people add chocolate chips to banana bread, or how I dislike pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  But even those “desserts” at least look like what they are and can be properly avoided.

The really pathetic thing is that I ate one anyway–I needed my chocolate fix.  But I did not enjoy it.  And even though the kids weren’t as disgusted as I was, it took about four days before the brownies were all eaten, as opposed to the usual four minutes.

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6 Responses to I wouldn’t bury my ONE THOUSANDTH post so soon, but sometimes cute stuff just happens, and must be told

  1. Alex says:

    Your future has banana free brownies in it.

    (New! Banana free! ..)

    Thank you for that link to that brawny ad. I found it very hilarious.

  2. Beck says:

    BARF! Bananas in brownies! EWWW.
    I actually like pumpkin bread, but that is because I can then eat large amounts of sugar while congratulating myself over my “healthy” “diet.”

    • zstitches says:

      It seems like an obvious thing, doesn’t it? But not to Dean.

      I do ADORE banana bread and quite like pumpkin bread–but never, ever with chocolate chips in them.

  3. Jen says:

    hahahaha. That was a funny Brawny ad. Did you see the Weird Al song Bob? The entire song is palindromes. Awesome. I’m sorry for your antipathy toward vegetation and chocolate. I would have loved chocobanana brownies. I love sneaking in nutrition that way.

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