We merry fools

This morning I told Ike, Dean, and Mabel, “You told me there are five Fablehaven books, but I just saw that you can pre-order the sixth book on Amazon.”  I think they may have believed me for a few seconds.

I told Rose, “You know how your teacher told you the class Easter party would be on Friday?  And we told you that our family would be going to the cousins’ house to decorate Easter eggs?  Well, that was an April fool . . . April Fool’s!”

Rose told me, “Mom, there’s a bunch of chickens in our yard!  April Fool’s!”

For “Poisson D’Avril,” Ike’s French class had fish you could try to stick on others’ backs.  Ike was reading the fifth (and last) Fablehaven book during class, and by the time he noticed someone sticking a fish on his back, he’d accumulated sixteen of them.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to prank Dean without telling him one of our kids got injured or died, but apparently I lack imagination in this area.  I did have the idea to park our minivan on the next street over and have all of us hide in the basement, so that when Dean got home from work he’d think we were all gone, and then once he sat down to pass time playing “Link’s Target Practice” on the Wii, we could sneak up on him and shout “Surprise!”  But then I remembered I have a baby and a three-year-old and a six-year-old, and silent lurking isn’t their best skill.  (Except for when they’re supposed to be in bed, of course.)  (But maybe Dean’s Wii-playing trance state would have helped us get away with it.)

I had to attend Ike’s student-led conferences at his junior high school this afternoon and didn’t want to get a babysitter (I was seriously tempted to have Ike do the babysitting, but had to admit that would sort of defeat the “student-led” aspect) so we had three little ones along (who were all perfectly well-behaved– April Fool’s!) and afterward we picked up Mabel from school, and then, to make the kids wonder, instead of turning left to head home, I got in the right turn lane.  Then the joke was on me, because the woman in front of me in the right lane took FIVE MINUTES to talk to two kids outside her car.  From within our closed van I was telling her “If you NEED to have a long conversation with someone while you’re in the right turn lane, then MAKE YOUR TURN, PULL TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, and THEN you can take as long as you want to chat.”  My kids wanted to know why I talk to people who can’t hear me.  (Same reason I keep a blog.)  And I couldn’t just go around her, because there was heavy traffic in the other lane, too, and pretty soon the cars behind me started honking.

After she finally took the hint and made her turn, I drove about half a mile in the wrong direction while my kids clamored, “WHY are we going this way, Mom?” But Hazel hadn’t gotten a morning nap, and Henry was pretty tired, too, so I told the kids that IF the little ones didn’t need naps so badly, wouldn’t it have been humorous if I’d kept driving, and had taken them all the way to Salt Lake without telling them why? They said, no, that would not have been funny.  “What if I had told you it was a prank, but I kept going and drove until evening and got us a motel room and stayed the night, and didn’t tell Dad where we all went? That would be funny, right?”  They thought that would be even less amusing.

But maybe Dean would have spent the evening playing Wii and wouldn’t have noticed.  So, um, anyone want to tell Dean what a great joke it would be if HE took all the kids to a motel for the night and left ME all alone in the house?  Hilarious!

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One Response to We merry fools

  1. Jen says:

    I am way behind on my reading, but I enjoyed this post a lot. We just finished FH5 a few days after its release and enjoyed it immensely.

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