Saturday scramble

Early this morning I woke up to nurse the baby and change her diaper, and then had Mabel turn on the TV for the kids while I went back to sleep.  Dean and Ike are at a campout, and as usual when Dean’s away, I couldn’t get myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour last night, so I was crazy tired this morning.  (It’s also usual for Dean and I to stay up too late when he’s home, but it feels stupider and riskier when I’m solo parenting.)  At 10:29 I woke up enough to remember the kids were supposed to be at a Stake Primary activity from 10:00-11:30.  Mabel thought it wasn’t even worth going that late, but I insisted they go (there was still one hour of free babysitting to be had) so we hurriedly got Henry ready.  Mabel really really really hates being late, so while I was running to get the spray bottle to wet Henry’s hair, she was shouting at me, “He doesn’t need his hair combed, Mom!  It doesn’t matter!  He looked cuter before you combed it!”

This morning’s dream:

A pair of women befriended my kids in our yard and got the kids to let them into our house.  The women showed me a catalog of smocked dresses.  I was interested, but I got really upset when one of the women lit up a cigarette in my living room.  I shouted, “My kids have allergies and asthma!  That one had to have shots last winter to save his life, and your smoking could put him back in the hospital.”  The women gave me the dress catalog and also another one.  After they left I looked at the second catalog, which turned out to be a catalog for asthma treatment supplies.

Then I was wandering through our one-story rental home.  We had just moved in, and our possessions were scattered around, but the large furniture had all been placed and I was thinking what a good job Dean had done of arranging the furniture [?!] and marveling at the huge pile of vintage violins and banjos in one room–“I didn’t know we owned so many instruments.”  Then I realized I hadn’t seen my sewing supplies in any of the rooms.  What if there wasn’t a sewing room for me?  How could I have forgotten to make sure there was a sewing room before renting a home?  As I continued exploring, I saw that the place was fortunately bigger than I’d first thought, with enough rooms that I would be able to claim one for a sewing space.

Update:  The kids are back.  Henry says, “Mommy, we got food, we got food!”  Mabel says, “It’s not food–just fruit snacks and a couple of chocolate eggs.  We missed one of the four stations because we were late.  It wasn’t a big spiritual thing that changed my life, but it was fun.”

Also, Mabel was just telling me about a recurring dream she has in which there are gorillas growing on a tree that change their appearance each season, and then an explorer comes along and plucks a gorilla off the tree and eats it like a piece of fruit.  (I don’t think I’m going to try to illustrate that one.)

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4 Responses to Saturday scramble

  1. Cheryl says:

    I liked all of the aspects of this post. The dreams. The random banjos and violins.

    • zstitches says:

      I’ve heard more than one person say that they hate it when people recount their dreams on their blogs, so I’m glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

      (I’ve also heard people say they hate people posting their kids’ cute drawings or telling cute kid stories. I’d have a pretty sparse blog.)

      I also had a dream a couple nights ago that I got a fabulous haircut. It was sad to wake up.

  2. Jbug says:

    I’ve had some weird dreams,but I have no clue how a sleeping human brain can think of something like that!I’ve never been to any stake primary activities,but that one sounds pretty darn fun!:)

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