I miss my brain

On Mondays, Rose’s kindergarten gets out a half-hour earlier than on other days.  Today I showed up to pick her up half an hour earlier than that.  With a half hour to kill, which wouldn’t be enough to go grocery shopping (if I had even brought my list) I finally decided just to go to a craft store and look around.  I thought about getting a little stuffed rabbit for Hazel, stuck it in the bottom of the stroller, bought some ribbon, and went to my car with the rabbit still in the stroller.  I discovered this after I’d already buckled Hazel and Henry in, so I left them briefly in the car while I returned the rabbit, but instead of grabbing the rabbit and carrying it in, I wheeled it in in the stroller, which meant navigating the stroller both in and out through the store’s set of double doors.  Then I was about 5 minutes late to pick Rose up.  And when we got home, there was a message on my answering machine from my friend who was going to be walking her daughter home from KG and would have been willing to walk Rose home with them.

Last week when I showed up at my friend’s house for our Relief Society Presidency meeting, I was surprised not to find my binder in the car because I thought I’d brought it.  A few seconds later the other RS counselor, who’d walked to the meeting, showed up carrying my binder.  She’d picked it and its scattered contents up off the road after she’d watched it fly off the top of my car as I turned the last corner.

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7 Responses to I miss my brain

  1. Jillybean says:

    Yeah, I’ve had days like that.

  2. Jen says:

    Here is a song for you, by Michael McLean: You’re Not Alone.

    • zstitches says:

      LOL, thank you. Is that the one that has a lyric, “For One who loves you more than me is sending blessings fast”? When I was in the Young Women program we sang that for Sacrament Meeting and had a discussion with our leaders over changing the word “me” to “I,” which would change the meaning from “One who loves you more than He loves Me,” to “One who loves you more than I do.” But our leaders decided that, just as one should not alter scripture, we should be true to the original lyric.

      Ha, I just tried to find the lyrics and found this instead:


      Also, I tried to find whether the word “One” should be capitalized, and finally found the full lyrics at michaelmcleanmusic.com, where they were in ALL CAPS.

  3. Virginia Wood says:

    Alert! A sister in our ward (newly arrived from the West) did a very similar thing. She left two kids in a locked car and hurried into the store (less than 5 min.) and came back to her car to find a police officer there to arrest her. A woman had seen her leave the kids in the car and called it in before she even hit the front of the 7-11 where she’d dashed in to get milk.

    Her kids were taken from her by social services and her husband had to leave law school classes to bail her out and find a lawyer for her. It took weeks and weeks of hard work and lawyers to get the kids back.

    Lesson: Honesty is not always the best policy.


    Aunt Ginger

    • zstitches says:

      In Berkeley my friend left her kids in the car while she picked up her dry cleaning. The dry cleaner had a big glass window and her car was parked across the street, but she got caught and got a $70 ticket, which I guess means she got off easy compared to the sister in your ward. The reason she got caught was that her toddler wiggled out of his seat belt and laid on the horn. 🙂

      I guess next time I could pull up next to the store, roll down my window, and ask the next customer going in to return the rabbit for me. (Actually I’d prefer there be no next time, but who knows when or if my brain will make a comeback.) I would NOT have returned the rabbit if I had to stand in any kind of line at all, but I’ll consider myself warned about even something like rushing into a store to toss an item back on a shelf.

  4. mary says:

    Stupid street corners, losing my friend’s binder!!!
    If you find it graffitied tomorrow morning, it was me.

  5. Jbug says:

    I know this has nothing to do with the post, but happy Easter!

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