Collard crotched baby sweater

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5 Responses to Collard crotched baby sweater

  1. Trina says:

    Now that’s a work of art! It’s what all fashionable babies are wearing this Winter!

    (I think about you guys often as well, and pray for good health all around so that maybe we can get together soon.)

  2. Jen says:


  3. OhSusanna says:


  4. Jbug says:

    what’s with the lettuce? is he like, a wererabbit,or something? (all dressed in white,ready for winter,he COULD be!)

    • zstitches says:

      Jbug, those things that look like lettuce leaves are collard greens. The previous malaprop post referred to a “collard crotched” baby outfit. The correct form would be “collared, crocheted,” but this is an illustration of a collard-crotched outfit.

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