My kids are cute and funny (did I mention)?

I’ve been meaning to get myself a pocket hymnal for years, so I was happy when Dean got me one for Christmas this year.  Today during Sacrament Meeting, Rose found it in my church bag and whispered, “Whose is this?”  I whispered back, “It’s my new one.”  “Can I take it to Primary with me?”  She always likes to have “scriptures” to take to Primary, and we keep forgetting to get her some of her own, so I hesitated for a moment, glancing between her eager five-year-old face and my pristine book.  “No,” I answered, “I might need it.  Maybe Daddy will let you take his.”  “No,” she whispered.  “I’m not allowed to, because I chewed on its ribbon.”


(When I was telling this story to my family tonight, I said I’ve thought about making some sort of ribbon-bedecked chew toy for Rose, but I’m afraid that she wouldn’t be interested in chewing on it if  she had permission.  My sister Suzy said I should make one and tell Rose, “This is the one thing you’re not allowed to chew on.”  I think that really might work.)

Hazel was asleep when it was time to leave for church today, and Dean was reluctant to wake her, so he stayed home and I took the other kids to Sacrament Meeting.  When he brought her during Sunday School, he’d dressed her in the white cotton embroidered dress I’d picked out for her, with a cherry-red corduroy coat. As I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye, I was stunned by how beautiful and adorable she was. He handed her to me, and  I felt like I’d just been given a great treasure.  Really? She’s mine?  I get to hold her?  Yes, please!

Then almost immediately she started squawking, and I remembered that I’d had to spend last week’s Sunday School out in the foyer since she couldn’t keep quiet nor sit still.  And so every great treasure comes with a price.

Hazel’s fashion trend: tutu over pajamas

A couple of weeks ago we were at my sister Susanna’s house.  Suzy said to Henry, “Could you be any cuter?!”  He said, “Okay.”

Sir Cute-a-lot

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8 Responses to My kids are cute and funny (did I mention)?

  1. Kristina P. says:

    I might kidnap your kids one day. Be prepared.

  2. Pam C. says:

    Every time I stalk your blog I find myself wishing you were in my ward.

    I saw that you are a winner on “Seriously So Blessed.” Congratulations!!

  3. Mary says:

    Your kids really are cute and funny, and will be wearing some new ties pretty soon. Lucky!

  4. Jennette says:


    Mine is quite the squawker right now too. It’s so cute and frustrating at the same time. Also, my Max is a little chewer. He’s chewed away the ends of action figures, the cuffs on clothes, etc. It drives me crazy. I had to buy him an infant’s chew-toy and then told him that he only gets to chew that. It does and doesn’t work.

    • zstitches says:

      It almost makes you wonder if they have some rat ancestry and their teeth have to be coninually worn down not to get overgrown, doesn’t it?

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