Today I told my mom I was “so over Twitter”

Then tonight on Twitter Mrs. Organic linked to a photo of Lady Gaga that inspired me to make the following visualization.


Plus this

Makes this:

So maybe I will stick it out with Twitter just a little longer. For the, you know, creative inspiration.

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6 Responses to Today I told my mom I was “so over Twitter”

  1. Jennette says:

    Yes, that is funny!! I just don’t get Twitter yet.

    • zstitches says:

      Yeah me neither. I think one things that makes Twitter confusing is that conversations aren’t threaded–the only organization is chronological–so I find myself spending too much time trying to reconstruct a conversation (only to find out it wasn’t that interesting. And then there’s the problem of finding people you know–I’m not willing to give Twitter my address book, and the “Find People” feature has been down the whole time I’ve been on there, and people don’t necessarily use their full names. So, yeah.

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    I was so frustrated last night when I couldn’t get my phone to load your link, because I just knew it was genius. You did not disappoint.

  3. Kristina P. says:

    Ha! It’s perfect. I am really hoping Gaga comes to concert here. I would absolutely pay money to see her craziness. But I’m really sad that I threw away my Kermit coat Halloween costume. 😦

  4. Hannah says:

    And I thought low clearance signs in parking lots were just for trucks… I guess they are for big trucks and Lady Gaga’s hats.

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