Where I am instead of writing blog posts

Where I am is in my sewing room, working on a shirt for me. That’s also where I was all day last Saturday, sewing a test shirt that was a total loss–I had sewn and serged eight princess seams and one waist seam and basted one sleeve when I determined it definitely wouldn’t fit, and gave up.

The shirt I’m working on now still needs the collar, one sleeve, the button plackets, button holes, buttons, and a hem. It’s taking for.ev.er. And I think it might be too short, so I’m trying to decide whether it’s otherwise a good enough fit to be worth adding a band on the bottom or something. Actually I might not even have enough fabric for that. Maybe it won’t be too short.

Sewing is very slow. Or anyway, I am very slow at it.

This concludes your update of my extra-blog activities. Oh, wait, I think I have a couple kid stories saved up:

We have a receptionist at our dentist’s office who’s very nice and friendly. Last time we were there, she said Hazel was cute, no, really adorable, like a Gerber baby, and that she loved her tights with her dress, and they were perfect with her blue eyes. These comments of course endeared the receptionist (J.) to me all the more. We’ve been to our dentist a LOT lately, because first the kids and I all got our 6-month cleanings, then Ike and Mabel got expanders put in (appliances that should prevent their needing braces later) and that was all in the last two weeks. Then this Wednesday, Dean took Ike and Mabel night skiing for the first time, and they had a great time and did really well, but then at the very end Mabel fell in the road and bruised her lip and chipped one of her front teeth and banged up both front teeth. So we headed back to the dentist again, and again J. pointed out to the hygienist just how cute Hazel was. Then Rose walked up to the desk and said, “Hi! We’re here again!” and Henry said to J., “I like your clothes!” Rose said, “I do too!” I think it’s safe to say that my kids and J. will now be best friends forever. (Oh, and the outcome on Mabel’s teeth was that they were indeed loose, but the dentist thinks they’ll heal.)

Lets’ see, what was the other so-far-untold kid story? Oh yeah: Rose told Dean, “I want to be a Rescue Hero when I grow up. But Rescue Heroes aren’t real, so instead I’ll be a rock star.”

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4 Responses to Where I am instead of writing blog posts

  1. Grandpa T says:

    Oh, Mabel, I’m so sorry about your fall and broken teeth!

    Rose, I am confident that as you grow, you will discover other careers that are more exciting and more fulfilling than rock star!



  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    A rock star is always a good back-up plan.

  3. Trina says:

    Rock on, Rose!

  4. Virginia Wood says:

    Are rock stars real people?

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