Mabel’s best Valentine’s Day ever

I didn’t get photos of Mabel’s Valentine box before she left this morning. She had wanted a mechanical one, and Dean built this for her and then she decorated it. I took a little movie of it in action but I haven’t learned how to put movies on my blog yet, so here are some still shots of the box in action. The crocodile’s mouth closes on the valentine as it gets pushed into the slot.

There were two different contests in her class, a costume contest and a Valentine box contest, with a boy and girl winner in each category. Mabel won the box contest. She says it was a very fun day.

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2 Responses to Mabel’s best Valentine’s Day ever

  1. Megan says:

    Fun box! It must be great having an engineer for a dad (even if he is the chemical type).

  2. mary says:

    That is way cooler than the Valentine’s boxes I used to make in school. Well, they weren’t really boxes; I would just stretch out the bottom of the t-shirt I was wearing and pull it out in front of me, making a little shirt-bowl thing and the kids would place their Valentine’s there. Well, okay, the kids wouldn’t come near me, but one time my teacher gave me a valentine.

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