In the pink

Mabel wanted pink hair for Valentine’s Day (her class is voting on a king and queen) and Rose decided she did, too.

Dean only managed to snap a few photos before Mabel’s ride to school showed up. He said it’s almost impossible to get natural-looking expressions on the girls’ faces, since Rose’s camera smile is nearly a grimace, and Mabel’s determined not to show her teeth (I bet she’ll make me take this smiling photo of her off my blog.)

Henry really wanted pink hair too, but changed his mind when he realized it would interrupt his viewing of Curious George. A girl on Curious George had just called the man in the yellow hat “Mister Yellow Pants,” and Henry laughed and laughed and laughed.


Speaking of grimaces, I can’t get over how at only eleven months, Hazel already has a special camera expression:

I guess there should be a photo of Isaac here to round things out, but I hadn’t really realized how Ike’s days of Valentine observance would pretty much be over once he started junior high, at least for a few years. (Anyway, he had already left for school when we took these photos.)

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5 Responses to In the pink

  1. Megan says:

    Cute pictures, all of them. I wish I had been confident enough to wear pink hair to school, and a tutu.

    Love Hazel’s camera face. Lately, Henry will frown or grimace when he knows someone will take his picture, and then after the flash will laugh. We need a camera that takes 10 pictures in-a-row, then we might get smiling pictures again.

  2. the GrandmomB says:

    Mabel: Your toothsome smile is beautiful! You are beautiful with teeth! Don’t make your mother remove this photo!

  3. Kristina P. says:

    How fun! They look adorable.

  4. lis says:

    Oh how I love the pink hair! How can she NOT win with that hair? I wish her luck.

    Unfortunately, there is a strict ban of all hair color at the boy’s school (even on Halloween). However, that is probably good or he would be going to school with a different color of hair every day.

  5. Tracy Hall Jr says:

    I presume the pink stuff is easy to wash out!

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