We have a winner! You’ll never guess who it is!

The winning entry, selected by random drawing, was “The Empire Strikes Back to the Future” which was thought of by: my sister Lili! No nepotism or cheating were involved, I promise. She just gave herself very good odds by coming up with more titles than anyone else. Lili will receive a $15 gift card to Cafe Rio, except since I’m going to see her before I get a chance to pick one up for her, she’s agreed to let me just give her cash. She also said she felt a little funny winning because she already extracted cash from me over the whole basketball-sized hair flower thing, but I told her I have no problem with her being my blog puppet. I like having a blog puppet. I will take as many blog puppets as I can get. There might be cash involved for EACH OF YOU. (I make no more specific promises than that. Because basically I’m just talking shmack. But if there were any cash, I would make you WORK for it, my little puppets.)

I was going to list a few favorite entries, but really I just love them all. All of you who participated are TOTAL! CREATIVE! GENIUSES! And I really do mean that, even if the capitalization and exclamation points make me sound insincere. Any of you who haven’t already should definitely go see the fabulous entries (link).

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7 Responses to We have a winner! You’ll never guess who it is!

  1. Thora says:

    Congrats to Lili! (Who, in a small world moment, I once met in England, because she came to do a six week internship in Bookbinding at Oxford when we were living there, and I was introduced to her at church once. I’m sure she doesn’t remember me at all, but it’s just funny how small the world is, if your Mormon.)

    One of these days I’ll win something, and hey, one of these days I’ll also eat at Cafe Rio, because I never heard of it until I moved out of Utah, and suddenly everybody was raving over how amazing it was, and I had to wonder if I’d been living under a rock while I was in Utah.

  2. Megan says:

    I couldn’t think of anything, totally lame! I wanted to enter. Congrats Lily!

  3. Lili says:

    Yep, Zina accurately represents me. I hadn’t read all of Zina’s updates to the rules along the way, so I didn’t realize I would be awarded for quantity over quality… apparently I had a very high chance of winning, lol (and blushing emoticon). I just had fun making up titles.

    Thora–how strange! I’m sorry I don’t remember you! Maybe if I’d been a bit more established and you were the new one… 🙂 Anyway, I love the Oxford ward. 6 Weeks though it may have been, I felt right at home.

    • Thora says:

      That’s okay you didn’t remember me – you were another American, doing something cool like bookbinding. I was….yet another SAHM. They’re only about a dime a dozen in Mormon wards.

  4. Lili says:

    ps I like your valentine’s blog header, Z

  5. Jen says:

    I like the header and congratulate Lili also. I feel that we all won in the way of being very entertained.

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