This Day in Mending (theme: yellow)

I’ve been afraid of trying the rolled hem on my serger for far too long. When I made this dress for Mabel (link), I hemmed the lining with a straight-stitch narrow rolled hem on the sewing machine that takes 5 steps: stitch 1/2″ from seam allowance, fold along stitch line, edgestitch 1/8″ from first stitching, trim next to second line of stitching, fold up and press, and edgestitch again. It’s a beautiful and durable finish, but very time-consuming. Here’s the original lining hem:

Then the dress got washed a bunch of times and the silk of the dress shrank more than the lining, so the lining’s been peeking out. Mabel’s also finally outgrown the dress, and I wanted to shorten the lining before passing the dress down to Rose.  In the meantime I’d learned to use the rolled hem on my serger.  It took me a while to thread it this evening, and I had some false starts because the nylon lingerie thread I first tried in the lower looper and needle wasn’t strong enough and had to be changed for regular serging thread (I used textured nylon thread in the upper looper) but even so, the hem still went much more quickly than if I’d done it on the sewing machine, and I’m very happy with how it looks:

I also spent some time today helping Mabel make some silk flower hairclips and hairbows for her friend’s birthday, and made a couple bows to stash for the girls’ Easter baskets.

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6 Responses to This Day in Mending (theme: yellow)

  1. positivelyorganic says:

    The embroidery on the dress is beautiful! It furthers my addiction to handwork.

  2. Kristina P. says:

    I love yellow. So cheerful.

    • zstitches says:

      While I was working on that dress I discovered that I had purchased materials to make at least two other things for Mabel featuring the color scheme of red, white, and yellow, (those things are still unmade, sadly) and about a year prior she’d picked out a red and yellow print that I’d made her a shirt out of, and when she was a newborn I made her a yellow gingham dress. If you asked, I’d say that red and white is my favorite color combination when sewing for little girls, but yellow slips in there a lot, especially when I’m making things for my dark-haired and olive-skinned daughter.

  3. Jen says:

    I darned a few days ago, courtesy your notes. Thanks! I was very proud of myself and saved three items of clothing from the DI pile.

    • zstitches says:

      It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

      Unfortunately my girls’ jeans that I patched have all develeped new holes. 😦

  4. grandma weight says:

    you have inspired me. I think I’ll try some rolled hems on my serger. Darling bows!

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