A little less “homework for parents”

Yesterday Rose was telling me how she needed to bring one hundred of something to school with her in three days for their celebration of their hundredth school day. I said it would probably have to be some sort of wrapped treat but she said that, no, it didn’t, and later she found the note from school that indeed said it could be raisins or crackers or cereal, because they were going to make a trail mix. I told her we could get some M&Ms, and added M&Ms to our grocery list. Today after school Rose told me, “My teacher and her helpers are going to take that ceral [that’s how she says cereal, ceral] I brought and use it to make a treat!” “You brought cereal? What kind? Was it the Kix cereal?” “It was the ceral with the little round things–um, let me check–yes, Kix.” “Who helped you?” “No one helped me, I got a bag and counted one hundred all by myself.” “Oh. Next time be sure you wash your hands with soap first so you don’t get germs on the cereal.” “I did wash my hands.”

I’m still not sure whether I believe that last claim, but I have to admit I’m glad that she already took care of this.

I wish I had a voice recording of this light-bulb moment of Rose’s:

“Mom, I figured out a way to know which light switch controls which light. This switch is on the left, and it controls the light that’s on the left side of the room. And this other switch is on the right, and it controls the light that’s on the right side of the room. So you just look at which side of the room the light is on to know whether you should use the left switch or the right switch.”

“That’s very logical.”

“Yes. The left switch controls the left light, and the right switch controls the right light.”

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4 Responses to A little less “homework for parents”

  1. Lili says:

    Wow, the 100 treats thing is awful familiar…

    Remember me and the 35 different green foods?

    If my school would have sent me home with notes like our school does, it would’ve saved me from a lot of kindergarten embarrassment (but then I wouldn’t have the great stories).

    • zstitches says:

      She is really excited for the party, and has decided that 100 is her favorite number. I took her to Costco today and she found a couple pieces of cardboard scraps which she used to make a decoration for her party–she wrote “Rose” and “100” and taped some foam hearts on to it.

  2. Megan says:

    It’s nice that your lights are conducive to light-bulb moments. The lights in our kitchen are backwards, and it drives me nuts! When (more like “if”) Wilson wires the house this summer for overhead lighting in all the rooms, that’s included on the list.

    • zstitches says:

      Yeah, these are about the only two switches in our house that do make sense. Six years into living here, I still have to do trial and error to find the right switch for the living room lights or the upstairs and downstairs hall lights.

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