Seriously I’m going to scream (cell phone woes)

(Yes yes yes I know this is not on anything like the same level of people with real problems like those in Haiti right now, but in my own trivial realm this is still really, really frustrating):

I was going to leave Isaac in charge and go get groceries, but I remembered I didn’t have a working cell phone, because my account with my temporary number had been closed and my old number hadn’t finished porting to my new phone.  So I decided to get on the phone with customer service again and try to get that fixed.  Well, it turned out the number had been ported and I just needed to dial a number and press a selection to reprogram my phone–easy enough, right?  I’m a little embarrassed I’d forgotten that little part of the instructions (I did have it written down which is how I found it) but it was easy to lose that info amidst the hour-and-a-half of other wranglings on the phone the other night.  But WAIT.  I can’t “activate” my phone unless I place a voice call–I’ve been getting texts every 5 minutes from Verizon to remind me of that fact–and I can’t place a voice call until I add money to my account.  BUT, I’d still had money on my old account AND I’d been promised an inconvenience credit.  So I call the customer service number, which gives me TWO OPTIONS AND TWO OPTIONS ONLY, which are two different ways to add money to the account.  There is NO option to speak to a human–no override by pressing zero, nothing.  So after several attempts, I finally call the different number that’s not for prepaid Verizon customers, andI  get a human, who tells me that yes, I have a $22 credit plus a $50 inconvenience credit–but that she’ll have to transfer me back to the prepaid operator to do that for me.  So I wait on hold for another 15 minutes–by now it had been an hour total–and it finally connects me TO THE SAME DANG TWO-OPTION MENU TREE THAT I STARTED WITH.  No human.  I have to start all over again.  Even if I do add money (which I shouldn’t have to) I’m not sure I’ll be able to reach a human to give me the credit.

Arghargharghargh.  An iPhone is really sounding nice right now.  This prepaid thing is saving me money–but costing me in sanity and temper.


Finally got a human by calling sales and asking them to transfer me.  Got my credit for my $22 but it turns out that the two different people on two different days who’d promised me inconvenience credits were both in the “contracts” division of the company and that inconvenience credits don’t exist in the pre-paid division, even if you’ve been verbally promised a $50 credit by a Verizon representative just minutes earlier on the phone.  Grrr.  What a waste of an evening.

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2 Responses to Seriously I’m going to scream (cell phone woes)

  1. Pmom says:

    I’m so curious as to who your cell phone carrier is. I also have a prepaid plan–with T-mobile–and it has been an astonishing money saver. It is great. EXCEPT for the aggravation of their prepaid customer service which I found to be very, very aggravating indeed.

    • zstitches says:

      Verizon. I’ve been trying to console myself that even after 6+ hours on the phone just getting my *&$#! old number ported and NOT getting the inconvenience credit (nor, come to think of it, the $10 back that I put on my old number to keep it active so I could port it) I’m still saving big bucks compared to a contract plan. But I didn’t really calm down until I got Dean to take me and the kids out to dinner for FHE.

      My new phone’s pretty junky, too. I think they want you to feel just how second-class you are by going with prepaid.

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