Rose’s latest taunt for Dean:

“You have a girlfriend!  You have a girlfriend!”

Dean:  “Yes, Mom’s my girlfriend.”

Rose:  “Mom is your girlfriend!  [Makes kissing sound.]”

Also, during yesterday’s carpool fiasco when she was home but I was still at the school looking for her, she says she was pounding on our front door saying, “Mom, don’t worry about the computer!  Worry about your daughter!”

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6 Responses to Rose’s latest taunt for Dean:

  1. DeLaina says:

    Rose’s computer comment is priceless!!!

  2. I love it. My girl always says “mom are you off your internet now?” If Hubby is on she tells him “dad get off mom’s internet.” I always get a pang of guilt, luckily it passes quickly.

  3. Stephen says:

    What an indictment! LOL

  4. Lili says:

    LOL on the girlfriend taunt, but
    BAHAHAHAHA on the computer comment!

  5. Brian says:

    Rose is the best!

  6. Jessie W. says:

    Oh my goodness, Rose is the funniest little kid! The door scene was priceless – sad but funny.

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