Future Martha Stewart staffer

Or maybe Mabel will start her own design firm or magazine.  She just showed me this “Mix and Match” project she’s working on, and it pretty much blew me away.  (She says, “It’s easy, you just have to make sure they’re all two inches across at the middle.  I used a ruler.”)

There are going to be more animals, and then Mabel wants me to help her scan them and make them into stickers or magnets.  I guess that makes me the designer’s assistant.

Rose wanted me to also take a photo of this paper lamb, named “Cute.”  Mabel drew it and Rose colored it, and Mabel explained that since it was meant to suspend from a balloon, Mabel had to keep trimming the lamb down “until it looked weird” trying to get it light enough to float.  It’s still earthbound–the balloon just didn’t have enough oomph to lift it.

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3 Responses to Future Martha Stewart staffer

  1. Virginia Wood says:

    OK, if you want to really make your life complicated, you make a video of Mabel making her mix and match animals (you need to think of a cute name for them) and send it to Martha. Then Martha will invite her to come to her show and then somebody will pick up Mabel as the spokesperson for a kids creative show and then you will REALLY be busy! But at least Mabel could get rich 🙂


    Aunt Ginger

  2. Lili says:

    HOLY COW. SO Cute. And totally. Marketable. You should be more careful about what ideas you publish on the Internets.
    I used to joke that I suffered from Martha envy… that Mabel is something else, I tell you what.

  3. Jessie W. says:

    Mabel is so smart and creative. Those cut-outs are adorable! And could be very marketable as well! Your kids are a well of creativity!

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