To round out a week of boring posts, here’s one about MENDING. YIPPEE-KI-YAY.

(It’s my blog. I can be boring. You don’t have to read it.)

Last fall, with a custom chart featuring “My Little Pony” stickers, I helped Rose overcome her bad habit of chewing her clothes to rags, and there was much rejoicing in the land. The chart was for three weeks, and she had to start over three times before she mastered twenty-one consecutive days chew-free. Even on her final attempt, I did catch her sucking on a sleeve  about a week and a half in, but I didn’t have the heart to make her start over so I just withheld that day’s sticker and let her keep going.  In the end, the cure seemed to stick. (Okay, so Mabel did catch her sucking on a sleeve again the other day, but at least Rose hasn’t really dug her teeth into anything since completing her sticker chart.)

Before Rose overcame her habit, she chewed up this shirt, and I told her it had to go in the trash. She cried hard–then went back to gnawing on whatever else she was wearing.  But I found I was too nostalgic to keep my threat, so instead I hid the sweet little victimized shirt in my mending pile, where it just made its way to the surface.

This was one of those crazy mending projects where for a few dollars I could have, and probably should have, just bought a replacement.  Worse, the new neck band’s width turned out uneven, the project took forever, after it was finished I found two other little holes that had to be darned, and the neckline might be too wide for Rose now. But even so, this project was strangely relaxing and enjoyable.  And maybe Rose can wear a different tee under it if the neckline is huge.


I’d kept the neckband from a different t-shirt alteration project. After carefully removing the old neckband and trimming off part of the chewed area, I serged the new neckband on (right sides together) with a four-thread overlock stitch, and then topstitched with a chain stitch (also on the serger).

This next little jacket was from a thrift store, but I’ve always liked it, thought it still had some life left in it, and found that replacing the masticated cuffs was very quick and easy. Win-win-win.

Shown with its old cuff–the photo doesn’t really convey just how grayed and chewed it was.

And thus my tower of mending is a wee bit less towering.  It’d probably get shorter even faster if I didn’t stop to blog about every little step along the way–but maybe talking about it is what motivates me to keep going.

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9 Responses to To round out a week of boring posts, here’s one about MENDING. YIPPEE-KI-YAY.

  1. Stephen says:

    Your conservatism is impressive.

  2. positivelyorganic says:

    I can’t see anything wrong with the neckband, it looks great!

  3. You make me feel so guilty! I have never, ever mended anything. When something looks worn, I put it in the give-away bag and never look back. But you do have far superior sewing skills, so it makes sense that I could never do this stuff.

  4. Jen says:

    I approve of this post.

  5. Kristina P. says:

    Holy crap! You are amazing!

  6. Lis says:

    Now I’m feeling guilty about my mending pile. I suppose I should have a crack at that today.

  7. Jason says:

    Sly fox, you. This post was mostly about Rose, which made it very readable.

    Do you remember that Grandma Grace chewed ice and raw wheat? She found out the compulsion was sometimes symptomatic of iron deficiency. However, she was also a little long in the tooth.

    In addition, my Tristan chewed his shirt collars–and Dominic–when he was younger. Now he only chews Dominic.

  8. OhSusanna says:

    I find that even when you warn me before-hand that I still have to read every post. And I’m never disappointed.

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