A little update to my earlier rant

So it turns out that, yes, Windows does still make an email client–it’s called Windows Live Mail–that doesn’t come with Windows 7, but which is available as a free download. I feel unhip to be so loyal to Microsoft, but the thing is that Windows Mail comes with an address book (a contacts list, they’re calling it now) into which Dean was able to put all the information from my old address book (only glitch: everything showed up in triplicate, so I’ll have to do some deleting) and my “Notes” field is still there and the program is compatible with Word and has all the other functions I’d wanted. So I’m happy. I mean, I was happy before in a general sense, but I’m now not just happy, but also no longer bugged by this one unpleasant disruption to the keeping of my eggs in their familiar basket.

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One Response to A little update to my earlier rant

  1. Hannah says:

    Now that you are all settled, you should think about switching to Ubuntu. When it crashes, it crashes for free. 🙂

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