Dispirited (warning: boring rant about technical trivia)

Dean upgraded us to Windows 7.  It’s been ages and ages and ages since we really cleaned up our hard drive, so this is technically a good thing, but still pretty miserable for my change-averse self; it’s going to take me a while to feel like I know my way around my own computer again.   And the address book thing is really bugging me:  several years ago, after losing all my addresses in hard drive crashes at least twice (speaking of dispiriting) I finally mustered the will to start over with a new address book.  I asked around to see which address programs people liked best, and didn’t find any anyone with a strong preference.  I finally just decided to put all my eggs in the nearest basket,  and used the address book that came with Outlook Express.  It didn’t have all the features I wanted, but I found workarounds; for example, I used the “Notes” field a lot for information that didn’t easily fit elsewhere.

Guess what Windows 7 doesn’t come with?  It doesn’t come with an email client.  So we decided to try Thunderbird, and all our (massive archive) of emails transferred over just fine.  But the address book did NOT.  It put everyone’s home addresses in as work addresses, it put quite a few of my contacts as not having names, I can’t figure out how to get it to display a list by last name (it’s displaying alphabetically by first name), and my “Notes” category is gone entirely.  I still have all that information in a text file Dean made for me, but I’m not too excited to re-enter all that by hand.  Oh, and one thing we read said the Thunderbird address book can’t be used for printing envelopes.  I hope that’s no longer true.  And I hope there are ways around the other problems I just listed.

I know the march forward of technology often brings wonderful innovations with it, but sometimes I just feel trampled under it.

(Okay, so I just looked and it sounds like Windows Live Mail is available as a free (?) download.  I hope I can get Dean to try it instead of Thunderbird.)

Annnnyway . . . I guess this concludes this boring rant.  (Just let me gnash my teeth one more time.  Okay, done.)

Update:  So it turns out that I can’t write a post like the above and walk away from the computer without hearing voices in my head saying things like, “Wow, what would it be like to have such an easy life that CONVERTING TO DIFFERENT EMAIL PROGRAMS is enough of a hardship to get your (unmentionables) in a (non-smooth configuration)?”  (How these charming companion voices got into my head is another question entirely, and something I prefer to discuss only with licensed mental health professionals.)  To the first question, I reply, “Yes, as we are ALL very very very very much aware, there are much, much, much, much worse problems for many people in this world, even and especially at this very moment as we type, than trying to update software smoothly.  And yet, still, non-smooth configurations are unpleasant.  Also, what’s wrong with wanting complete, microscopic-level control over every aspect of my cushy life?”

Sigh.  If you read enough flame wars, you can learn to have them WITH YOURSELF.

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One Response to Dispirited (warning: boring rant about technical trivia)

  1. Jen says:

    (laughing at your flame war update to myself)

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