The badge looks like a heart drawn in ball point pen

Here’s another Henry story:

This evening he walked into the kitchen and asked me, “Mom, does Spiderman start with S?”  I blinked.  “Yes, it does.” “Yeah!  S is for Spiderman!”

Henry left the room but returned a moment later.  “Mom, Dr. Stinky starts with E.  I knew it!  I ‘member my letters!”  (I just asked Dean and he says Dr. Stinky is a character in the “Ricky Ricotta and his Mighty Robot” books, by Dav Pilkey.  And, yes, I’m pretty sure Henry said  “E,” and not “D.”)

Adventures in dentistry:

I had dental checkups scheduled for all my kids except baby Hazel this afternoon, but very early this morning Rose had a high fever, and I kept her home from kindergarten and thought she’d probably have to miss her dental visit.  That left me feeling like I was in a riddle like the one about the guy who has to get a fox and a chicken and a bag of chicken feed across a river (link).  Besides it being short notice to call a babysitter, I also didn’t want to ask someone to watch a sick kid and risk being infected, so I needed to leave at least one of my two older kids home to watch Rose.  When it was time to go, I left Isaac with Rose and Hazel, who were both napping, and took Mabel and Henry to their checkups.  Then I called Ike to tell him to call me if Rose woke up and seemed healthy enough for a dentist visit.  He said that  Rose was already awake and seemed recovered–but Hazel was still sound asleep.  Hazel’s been sick since Saturday, so she needs her sleep, too.  So I waited for Mabel and Henry’s checkups to be finished, loaded them in the car, took them home, left Mabel in charge of Henry and the sleeping baby, and brought Ike and Rose back with me.  Hazel ended up sleeping almost the whole time, everyone else got their teeth looked at, and I earned a new motherhood badge.  Thank goodness our dentist’s office isn’t very far away.

So, Rose was the last to go in to get her teeth looked at, and she was very nervous.  She started wishing she had brought her toy Lambie to comfort her.  I grabbed a pen and drew a little heart on her right palm, saying, “Lambie Corda loves you, so this can remind you of her.”  She said, “Corda’s nose does look like a little heart.”  And it really helped.  Afterward the hygienist told me that she’d been baffled that Rose kept holding her hand up in front of her face, until Rose explained that she was looking at the heart.

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6 Responses to The badge looks like a heart drawn in ball point pen

  1. positivelyorganic says:

    and on a palm. You’ve got some ninja mom skillz. We’re going for a filling for the 4yr old on Friday. The dentist prescribed valium and I’m not sure who’s going to need it more. She wants to know who ever invented cavities and why they thought it was a good idea.

  2. Jen says:

    Going blind from sheer motherly awesomeness here.

  3. Mary Ann says:

    What I’m dying to know is: do you like your kids’ dentist, and (perhaps more importantly) does DMBA? We’ve tried two now, and though the dentists are great, they can’t get along with our insurance, and it’s more of a pain than it’s worth.

  4. Jessie W. says:

    Aw, bless little Rose. That was the sweetest idea for Rose at the dentist. I used to be very afraid of the dentist as a kid. She’s a brave soul!

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