3 New Yorker Fiction podcasts

That’s how long does it take me to iron:

2 girls’ dresses

3 girls’ jumpers

1 girls’ skirt

2 girls’ shirts

4 boys’ shirts

2 baby shirts

7 women’s shirts

1 pair of women’s pants

For a grand total of 22 items.

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6 Responses to 3 New Yorker Fiction podcasts

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m very impressed or maybe just “pressed”. Ironing is my least favorite domestic task. Bless the
    “touch-up” setting on my drier. Down with ironing!

  2. Jen says:

    I need something to get me through my laundry better. Excellent idea.

  3. zstitches says:

    Now I just need to get “War and Peace” onto my iPod, and/or the Old Testament.

    (Now I’m working on mending. I’d probably vegetate in front of the computer, but Dean’s backing everything up in order to install Windows 7, but I’m kind of glad because I wanted to work on mending but would surely have been sucked into blog-reading instead.)

  4. Marie-Laure says:

    Pod casts get me trough a lot too! What are your favorite ones?

  5. zstitches says:

    The ones I’ve found so far are The Moth (found at themoth.org, although I’ve heard they’ve started an NPR show, too,) the New Yorker Fiction podcasts (which is where authors who’ve had their short stories in the New Yorker read stories by other New Yorker authors). With both The Moth and the New Yorker stories you have to use caution because some of the topics and language are too “mature” for my taste, but there are some great ones. (Mike Birbiglia’s “Sleepwalk With Me,” which has been featured on The Moth and also on This American Life, is so so so so funny, it had even my little kids almost in tears laughing. There are one or two swears in that one, though, I think.) I also sometimes listen to other NPR podcasts–Fresh Air or Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Car Talk is pretty fun. This American Life is my favorite. Oh, and I’ve got October’s General Conference. That’s my whole podcast repertoire so far, I think. Oh-also the guys who make the TV show “Lost” have a podcast that’s surprisingly entertaining. And I really do want to get around to putting the Old Testament on my iPod, and try some recorded books (available through the library, but I just haven’t looked yet to see what their selection is).

    • zstitches says:

      Forgot to say that I already have the Book of Mormon on my iPod and it’s great for car trips. I think all the scriptures are available free for download at LDS.org.

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