Dean is the funniest

I’ve been on a blog-reading tangent lately of blogs written by people within the publishing industry–literary agents, anonymous editors, would-be-writers, published writers offering writing advice, and so forth. I’m fascinated by anything to do with the art and technique of writing, and the discovery and distribution of books. I’ve started to think maybe this fascination means I have lurking ambitions to be a “real” writer of actual books, and started to wonder what kind of books I would write.

This evening I said to Dean, “I have an idea for a book. It would be a fantasy book about [blah blah blah people’s dream-world selves trying to influence their conscious selves blah blah blah].” Dean said, “Yeah, that sounds interesting.” He paused. “I’m trying to figure out how vampires come into it.”

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4 Responses to Dean is the funniest

  1. LOL. I have always wondered why I see you on so many lit agents blogs, but you don’t post about writing.

    • zstitches says:

      Wendy, a long time ago I majored in English at BYU (just like Stephenie Meyer! But a generation earlier (slight exaggeration). Although I’ve had a lot of fallow years in between, I’ve never lost interest in writing, but also never decided what format I was most drawn to. I’m pretty good at writing essays, and I really admire certain opinion writers (although I’ve mostly shied away from expressing strong opinions in this space) and, like anyone who likes good writing, I’ve always loved good books, but I also went through quite a few years when I barely read books at all. (My sisters used to tell me I should take up writing, but I was reluctant to give up precious sewing time. I still feel that tension.)

      Oh, and I wrote prolifically and faithfully in my personal journal for quite a few years in my youth. Sadly, my journal writing dropped off a little before I met Dean, so I have detailed records of other courtships but not of my most significant one. Oh, and I’d been accepted to BYU’s English Master’s program, with the intention to focus on creative writing, right before I got engaged to Dean, but instead moved with him to Amman and then to Berkeley for him to attend grad school, where we started having kids (and haven’t stopped). I’ve never regretted abandoning my own grad school plans because at the time I felt like I had writing skills but not much life experience to write about. Anyway, later I became a prolific e-mailer. And then I started a blog.

      So that’s the history-in-a-nutshell of my life as a writer.

  2. Hannah says:

    Destined to be a best seller. Drop whatever you are doing right now and start writing immediately!

  3. Jen says:

    My family tells me I should write a book, too. But I am waiting for the incubus dream to come to me, like Stephenie Meyer’s did.

    I took a creative writing class my last semester at the Y, and I fell in love with writing in that class (after a bazillion other writing and English classes.) But it was my last semester, and then missionweddingworkkids followed just like that. I’m starting to blather, but basically, I enjoyed and felt empathy for your comment on this post.

    Best of luck with Bunnies in Dreamland. I’ll pre-order on Amazon for sure.

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