Utopian fantasies

I came downstairs in time to hear the final refrain of a song Mabel had made up that ended, “Where all the chairs are free!”  I asked, “Free as in not costing anything, or free as in liberated?”  She said, “Free as in they have rights.”  So she sang me the whole song, which also has an accompanying march:

I’m the personal leader of Chairland

Where all the chairs are free

Let’s go down to Chairland

Come to Chairland with me.

But all the chairs have rights there

So when you sit down

Don’t sit on the chairs, please

Sit down on the ground.

Everyone’s friends in Chairland

And all the chairs agree

Everyone’s glad in Chairland

Where all the chairs are free!

It seems appropriate that Mabel’s wearing her Micropenguins shirt today.  (See here and here.)

Apparently, ponies  don’t have the same rights that chairs do.  (We went to Southern Utah for a couple of nights right after Christmas, where all but one of Dean’s eight siblings and their families managed to assemble.  Our cousins in Leeds let the kids feed their goats, pet the chickens, and ride their miniature horse.)

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5 Responses to Utopian fantasies

  1. DeNae says:

    How is it I have never swung by here? You are always so kind to comment over at my place! That child is beautiful, and that song is darling! I’ve GOT to remember to come here more often!

  2. Megan says:

    Mabel is the chair nation version of Emiliano Zapata. Her slogan should be ” I’d rather die standing than live sitting on a chair”.

  3. the MomB says:

    After this I guess it’s “couches only” for me!

  4. Thora says:

    Yay, the Rabbits are back! And on Utah mountains (I presume) as well! Blog headings can’t get any better. Plus Mabel sounds like what I can only hope and pray my girls might grow up to be (even the one time, when you were in Target, and she told you she didn’t get to yell at Rose yet. I liked that – very big sistery).

  5. What’s great about the bunnies is they are 2 by 2. It looks like they are waiting to board the Ark.

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