Bits and pieces

I’m trying to get enough rest to ward off a sore throat and a cough.  My brain function feels like it’s only at about half-power.  However, there are a few little stories I’ve collected, so rather than posting about 10 facebook statuses in a row, I’ll pester my own blog with them.

Hazel is my first baby to play happily in a play pen.  Often, she’ll play there for an hour or more without complaining, as long as she has toys and there are people around to keep her company.  This is a real lifesaver since, with older kids around, my house has never been less baby-proofed.  (I am working on that, one room at a time, but it’s taking a while.)  Unfortunately, some determined baby un-proofer keeps leaving candy wrappers or tiny choking-hazard-sized toys in the playpen, which I usually don’t notice until I find them in Hazel’s mouth.

Last night we were asking Rose about what she’d played at recess.  She was describing how she and three other girls get into teams of two and try to capture each other in the jungle gyms.  Mabel asked, “Is the jungle gym a make-believe jail?”  Rose answered, “No, it’s a fake jail.”

Henry loves puzzles and is amazingly patient at putting them together.  The other day he was working on a 100-piece Hello Kitty puzzle (that used to be Mabel’s) for at least an hour before he mastered it.  Dean told him “You’re crazy about puzzles.”  The next day Henry said to Dean, “‘Member last week you said I’m crazy about puzzles?  I like that word.”  And ever since Henry’s been repeating to us how he’s crazy about puzzles.

Rose was just complaining that the TV wasn’t working and the screen “won’t show on”. I said, “Let me come see if I can get it to work.”  Rose said, “Well, if we hit the VCR, it doesn’t work.”  (Update:  It’s true, the screen won’t show on, even if you hit the VCR.)

Other uses of baby-proofing: To help enforce our Christmas morning rule that we don’t go into the living room until Dean and I are up and we’ve all eaten breakfast, Isaac asked us to double up the baby gates.

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One Response to Bits and pieces

  1. Megan says:

    I love posts like this, I just think they’re fun. Henry ate most of a check once (I think he was about 6 months old). I dropped him off at daycare, and must have left the check within his reach. They found him later with part of it in his mouth, very gummed. The only legible part was the date.

    I also like the double-high baby gate. Way to go Isaac for keeping the other kids out of trouble!

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