How to ensure your daughter has nightmares

Give her the same name as a Disney princess.  Then let her watch this:

(From minute 2:00 on.)

[Note:  As you may have noticed, the “Play” buttons on the above two images are merely decorative, not functional.]

Update:  Dean reminded me that Sleeping Beauty’s Princess name is Aurora, and that Briar Rose is her “incognito” name.  No wonder I was surprised to hear the ghostly voices calling out “Rose” over and over when the sounds from the DVD wafted down to my sewing room.

2nd update:  Sunday morning, Rose told me that she had a dream that the big dragon from Sleeping Beauty was trying to kill her, but then the dragon died and she married the prince, so it ended okay,  “and that’s why I didn’t have to come get you.”

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4 Responses to How to ensure your daughter has nightmares

  1. American Yak says:

    Yes, I thought Sleeping Beauty was terrifying when I wad a child, too. Particularly the battle with the dragon.

  2. Jennette says:

    Well, then they should have called the princess by her first name, Briar. Really!

    And my girls will NOT watch Sleeping Beauty–“too cary!”–even though one of them still claims that it is her favorite Disney Princess.

  3. Briar Rose is her actual name in the real tale! oh, and she doesn’t get awoken by a kiss… she gets awoken by her newborn twins she had while she was sleeping that suck the thorn out of her finger!!

    so… yeah!

    • zstitches says:

      Yeah, if you really want to ensure nightmares, reading original fairy tales to your kids is the way to go. 🙂

      I’m still waiting to wake up from the curse . . .

      (Just kidding.)

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