Mechanically inclined

Henry LOVES my serger.

More than once when I’ve been having trouble getting a serged seam to work properly, I’ve discovered it was  from Henry having changed all the serger’s settings.

When I was using the serger last week, in a burst of motherly affection (and a lapse of self-preservation instincts) (it’s amazing how often those two things coincide) I let Henry turn all the knobs and flip all the switches for me, showing him where the settings should be.  Of course this led to his feeling an even more intense sense of serger ownership.  Here’s his latest serger contribution:

See it?

It’s a Nerf dart, or, as he prefers to call it, a “dark”.

I don’t know whether to eagerly anticipate or to dread Henry’s next sewing room contributions.  Kids do keep life interesting.

Henry models his “Jack-Jack” look.  (At his request, I actually gelled his hair up in a spike for him yesterday, but the spike didn’t stay up once his hair dried.)

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One Response to Mechanically inclined

  1. Megan says:

    My Henry loves to push buttons and turn knobs, it doesn’t matter what they’re attached too. I wish I had a serger that he could play with (no…I just wish I had a serger!)

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