Curiosity killed the arteries

Dean bought Twinkies for the kids for a special treat last night, and I just had to try a bite of one because something my kids love so much must be good, right?


However, a pound cake cupcake with whipped heavy cream is sounding pretty good.

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8 Responses to Curiosity killed the arteries

  1. Kristina P. says:

    I am right there with you!

  2. Lili says:

    once again, amazing illustration.

  3. Jason says:

    Tell me that’s a tail.

    • zstitches says:

      It is a tail. I am afraid to ask what you thought it might alternately be. I just thought it would add to the evilness of the Twinkie if it had a spiked tail.

      Oh, I see what you thought it might be. No. A tail.

  4. laura says:

    Oh, I see how you are, demonizing an innocent little Twinkie.

    Just kidding. I do vote that this image becomes part of your header, like the bunnies. I can see tons of demonized Twinkies in your header.

  5. Jessie W. says:

    Twinkies = almost unobtainable dessert as a child (which made it more mysterious and enticing). Upon having one I realized the fuss was all for nothing, lol. Tastes mostly like chemicals.

    Although, I am willing to admit I’d probably eat one if it was in front of my face right now, haha!

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