New trick

I guess this means we should lower the crib mattress. Although that might thwart her next attempts to stand, so I don’t know.

While part of me can’t wait for my kids to grow up and decamp so I can have a clean and organized home or sew uninterrupted or write a novel, there’s another very opinionated part of me that wishes I could stop Hazel from growing up so fast. I’ve never had a baby turn 9 months old this fast, and IT’S BREAKING MY HEART. Slow down, baby girl!

At least she is on the small side–yesterday the kids talked us into taking them to the toy store for Family Home Evening so they could pick out Christmas gifts for each other, and the dolls in the baby doll aisle didn’t look much bigger than Hazel in her car seat. Also, half the dolls in that aisle are motion activated, so they all start babbling and cooing and waving their little arms as soon as you pass. It’s very disturbing. Mabel opted not to buy a baby doll for Rose because she couldn’t find any cute non-electronic ones. (Not that we thought Rose wouldn’t love an electronic one, but Mabel and I decided to impose our aesthetic on Rose, so Mabel picked out a different cute toy (wooden food) (just like the wooden food I serve for dinner, ha ha) and Rose won’t know the difference.)

So, to sum up: motion-activated toy dolls are disturbing, but real life motion-activated dollies are the best Christmas gifts of all, and need to stop growing so fast.

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4 Responses to New trick

  1. katie higbee says:

    Wow… I so agree with you on so many levels. I find myself, multiple times a day, wishing time would fly so things would stay clean and I could have some quiet time to pursue some of my interests, but then I quickly remind myself that this is it and it will be over before I know it so I try to enjoy it. It’s a healthy little daily battle that goes on in my mind. Today, I have to be honest, I kinda wish they were all grown up. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to enjoy it a little more.

  2. Jen says:

    What a delicious little cute thing. I hope you and Mabel continue to impose your aesthetic as long as possible.

  3. Megan says:

    I also agree. Sometimes I also wish that I wasn’t so grown up, too (having my parents paying the bills was nice).

  4. the MomB says:

    Those pictures are so adorable I really can’t stand it. I give her about two weeks before she’s up and over the side if you don’t lower the mattress. Now that she’s pulled herself up, she’ll still want to even if the rail is a few inches higher.

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