Two more things to be grateful for

Without the hubbub about tomorrow’s holiday,

I might never have discovered that Rose routinely refers to the above animal as a “turkeybocker.”

Also, while she was starting her chore for the day, Mabel suggested to Isaac that maybe she and he should just spend the whole day at home and not play with friends, so as to help get the house ready for guests tomorrow.  (I do need to go do some supervising, though, because at the moment Mabel’s form of house-preparation is to be engrossed in some drawing project.  Which is, um, so much less productive than what I’m doing at the moment.)

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One Response to Two more things to be grateful for

  1. Aunt Ginger says:

    Dear Rose,

    Guess whab Ben, Sarah, and your cousin Rose-Ellen saw on the way home from the Spokane airport? A real live turkeybocker running alongside the road. We think he must have escaped from the White House and followed Aunt Ginger and Uncle Barry all the way to Spokane, Washington.

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