Overheard in a minivan

Rose kept Dean well-entertained while he took her and Henry along to run some errands today.  I asked him to write down what she’d said, and at first he thought he wouldn’t be able to remember it all, so I’m very grateful he was able to recall so much.

Rose: “I have a best friend in kindergarten and we have a secret handshake.”
Dean: “Tell me about your secret handshake.”
Rose: “I can’t.  It’s a secret.”
Dean: “Please?”
Rose: “No.  But if you were in my kindergarten… if you were a little girl named ‘Dad’ in my kindergarten we could have a secret handshake.”

Rose: “Dad, did you have Miss W [Rose’s teacher] when you were in kindergarten?”
Dean: “No.  Miss W wasn’t a teacher when I was a kid.  I had a different teacher.”
Rose: “Who was your kindergarten teacher?”
Dean: “Hmmm.  I can’t remember her name.”
Rose: “Then Mrs. B [the other K teacher at Rose’s school] must have been your teacher.”
Dean: “No. It wasn’t Mrs. B”
Rose: “Who was it?”
Dean: “I can’t remember.”
Rose: “Mrs. B must have been your teacher.”
(this continues for some time)

On the way driving home from the store:

Rose: “Mom is going to fire us because we are late.  Henry, do you know what ‘fire’ means?  When you are fired you have to leave the family. The word ‘fire’ means just regular fire, but when I say ‘fire-rr’—do you hear that ‘rr’ sound—that means you are kicked out of the family.  Like if there was a family of bears and one of them was fired, he would have to leave.”

Henry: “I have a bear!”



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6 Responses to Overheard in a minivan

  1. Mrs. Organic says:

    Oh my she is adorable!

  2. American Yak says:

    I LOVE that Henry is holding the binocs backwards, ha ha ha! (or am I the backwards? Ha) Your children! They are so beautiful!

  3. Jessie W. says:

    Lol this post had me and my mom laughing aloud. Your kids are so funny and precocious. I esp. liked the part about a little girl named “Dad”, hahaha!

    Has Rose been watching “The Office” or something lately, lol? Maybe that’s where she get fired from and mixed it up? I loved Henry’s response. so funny, too!

    Just looking at those pics of your kids- I can see you’ve got your hands full! But you couldn’t have more adorable children!

  4. lambfox says:

    There should be a little girl named “Dad” in every kindergarten class. I love Rose’s phonetic awareness: “Do you hear that ‘rr’ sound?”

  5. Jennette says:

    Really, I want to adopt Rose.

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