My family’s so lucky that I can now share my “humor” with the whole internet and not just them


“Please hold . . . we are currently experiencing a high volume of hair.”


(This cartoon may or may not have been inspired by the fact that our internet went down AGAIN, for several hours, preventing Ike from accessing his French teacher’s site to do his homework, and I finally gave up and called customer support AGAIN, and waited on the line for a very long time.  Eventually I  spoke to a pleasant(ish) man with an Indian accent.  (He also probably had short hair).  The three different ISP support guys (at least I assume it was three different guys, although it amuses me to imagine that it’s just one guy handling all the calls, which would explain why I was on hold so long,) but as I was saying, the three guys I’ve talked to this month all sounded pleasant-ish, but also slightly impatient under a controlled veneer.  This time the guy thought the problem was with our wireless router, because nothing was wrong on their end.  Dean is skeptical, but I’m reluctant to reconnect the router since I’ve lost the connection every time I’ve tried–which makes me think the support guy might be right.)

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2 Responses to My family’s so lucky that I can now share my “humor” with the whole internet and not just them

  1. Kristina P. says:

    Nothing irritates me more than the Internet going down. Well, maybe Mario Lopez.

  2. the MomB says:

    That’s a great cartoon. The world should see it.

    Yes, internet down = big big very big annoyance, irritation, frustration…! I have to admit when we replaced our router it made things much better.

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