The swellest kid around

My mother was one of the most avid fans of the (now sadly discontinued) delightful children’s TV show Rolie Polie Olie, and in the days before DVR she videotaped many episodes.  We have two long and barely-still-working tapes, which are among our most-treasured heirlooms.  Henry recently discovered them and (I should be ashamed to admit) his new-found love for Olie has bought me some much-coveted free time.

One of the tapes ends with about twenty minutes of the Animaniacs, and just now when the tape got to that point, Henry begged me to come see.  Pointing to the screen, he said, “I don’t want this channel.  This channel’s kinda bad.  I want a happy channel–like Olie Polie Olie!”



P.S. Mormon drinking game for this post:  for every hyphen, drink a shot of Postum.  (Postum is the right choice not just for its Mormon-ness, but for being another instance of something once much-loved and now discontinued.)

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6 Responses to The swellest kid around

  1. Kristina says:

    Wait, what is this Postum? Clearly, I am a horrible Mormon.

    Also, you commenting before 100 is very unnerving.

  2. emily says:

    I loved rolie polie olie. My oldest boy was so sad to see it go. I still have a darling halloween costume of him and my second son is in love with it and wants to wear it this year. I’m sure most kids won’t recognize who he is. so sad.

  3. Lili says:

    Kristina, it’s Mormons like you and your lack-of-Postum consumption who are responsible for its being discontinued. I miss Postum. I miss Animaniaks. Thanks a lot for this downer post, Z…


  4. Trina says:

    Ok, at this very moment, my kids are watching the “kinda bad channel”–we have a couple of seasons of Animaniacs on DVD and the boys love them, even though they don’t get half the jokes. I always did have a soft spot in my heart for RPO though, and wish I had some of those on DVD.

  5. the MomB says:

    Ha ha ha! Why do you think those 20 minutes of Animaniacs are on that tape? Because WE LOVE THEM! But they do tend to distress the little ones.

  6. American Yak says:


    They discontinued POSTUM?!?!? Ahhhhhhghhh!!! 😉

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