How to make silk flower hair clips

Here’s what I just typed up for our Relief Society craft day on Saturday:

The cheapest flowers are found at dollar stores:  Honk’s (on Freedom Blvd. in Provo) or Dollar Tree both carry them (currently Honk’s has more colors, while Dollar Tree carries lots of white and red).  You’ll find larger, nicer flowers at craft stores such as JoAnn’s, Michael’s, or Robert’s  (and you can use a coupon). Purchase alligator clips at Robert’s in smaller packages, or get them cheaper by buying a box of 100 at a beauty supply place such as Sally Beauty (which is around $5)

Use 3/8” ribbon to cover the clip.  After cutting the ribbon, heat-seal the ends to prevent fraying by passing the ends near the flame of a match or lighter. To cover the clip with 3/8” grosgrain ribbon, follow the instructions at this site.  The same information can be found in this YouTube video.

Unlike what it says at that site, I have found it works better to use Fabri-Tac glue than hot glue for this step.  Also, if you want to cover the entire clip inside and out, use a 7” length of ribbon.  I also do use shelf liner for the nonstick strip (also found at the dollar store) and I use hot glue to attach it.

Now, take apart the flower, discarding the stem and all the little plastic parts between petal layers.  Wire cutters may be useful if the flower doesn’t want to come apart.  You may wish to keep the central stamen parts.  Next, glue the petals back together a layer at a time with a thin coat of hot glue.  Glue the flower to the clip, and add a bead or button  at the center.  It works best to apply a generous amount of glue to the bead or button, then press it into place.






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6 Responses to How to make silk flower hair clips

  1. Lili says:

    Speaking of. I did wear mine to church. I need to get pics to you.

  2. Jen says:

    I have been on a kick making these, but from your pictures I see that I need to use bigger flowers. My flowers are all so little, and the big ones are just delightful.

    • zstitches says:

      Yes, the only rule of thumb is that the flower should, ideally, be smaller than the wearer’s head. (Unless you want to “make a statement.”)

  3. You could do some cool things with the fake fall leaves they sell too. I love fall.

  4. Nancyann says:

    I bought 2 at a craft sale. I want to make more and clip them on my lace curtains for the summer. Thank you so much for the advice on glue and directions.
    Have a colorful week

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