On the walk to school

Note:  I spent forty minutes writing this post this morning and then my internet connection went down and I thought I’d lost it all since I didn’t think WordPress had had a chance to do an auto-save.  I finally called my ISP  just now (after trying everything I knew how to do, all day,) and they were able to get me up and running (in less time than the hour it took last time) and told me that there had indeed been a network outage this morning.  And then, lucky me, it turned out there had in fact been an auto-save.

Rose:  “I’m hot!  I’m going to take off my gloves and my hat and my jacket.”

Me:  “Are you sure you don’t want to keep your jacket on?  It’s kind of chilly.”

Rose:  “I don’t need it!”

Kindergartner S.: “I need opinions.  I’m trying to decide which rhyming things to bring to school tomorrow:  cat and hat, or dime and lime.”

Me:  “I think lime and dime is a good choice, because probably no one else will think of that.”

S’s brother, 2nd-grader R.: “Yeah, but nobody else will have a real cat with a wig!”

S.: “You can’t take real cats to school, R.”

Me:  “Rose, you need to remind me to remember to remind you to put rhyming things in your backpack for tomorrow.”

Rose:  “I already did.  A cat and a hat.”

Me:  “You did?  Oh.  Are you sure?  I thought you were going to do ‘doll’ and ‘ball.'”

S: “That’s another good one.”

Rose: “Doll . . . ball.  Doll . . . ball.”

S: “You can’t bring the things today, Rose.”

Rose:  “I know.”

Me: “She’ll keep them in her backpack.”  [Makes mental note to try to remind myself to remember to check Rose’s backpack for rhyming objects before tomorrow morning.]

R.:  “[Something something] Bakugan.”

Henry:  “Hey, I have a Bakugan, R!  R., I have a Bakugan!”

S:  “Hi, Hazel!  Hazel’s hat is over her eyes.  She can’t see.”

Me:  “That’s okay, she likes to sleep in the stroller anyway.”

Rose:  ” Hey, let’s pretend that those yellow trees are giant stars.  Look, there’s a giant star!”

Henry: “Yeah!  There’s another giant star!”

Me:  “There’s another one.  You know, I’ve decided that’s the prettiest tree in all of our town.”

Rose:  “And that’s also the hardest tree to climb.”

R: “No, that tree’s easy to climb.  Remember when we climbed that tree, S?”

Rose:  “I’m cold!  I need my jacket back on.”

Me: “Do you think you guys can run to the corner?” [R., S., and Rose take off running.  I follow as best I can.  At the corner]:  “You guys ran fast!  Good job.”

S.: “Did you see who was first?”

Me: “You were!  You were the fastest.”

S.:  “I was first, and R. was second.”

Rose:  “And I was third!”

S:  “And Henry was fourth, because he’s in the front of the stroller, and Hazel was fifth.”

Me: “And I was sixth.”

S. “You were last!”

Me: “I was sixth, and sixth is last.”

Rose:  “My hands are cold!  I’m putting on my gloves!”

S: “What time is it?”

Me:  “I don’t know, I didn’t bring a watch.”

Rose:  “My invisible watch says it’s ten-firty, so it’s ten-o’clock.”

R: “It’s three freckles and two hairs.  That’s what time it is on my watch.”

Me:  “All right, guys, have a good day at school.  Thanks for walking with us, R. and S.  I love you, Rose.”

S: “I need to say goodbye to Hazel.”  [Lifts Hazel’s hat, gives her a kiss on the cheek.]


I found this while searching my photo archive for an appropriate image to go with this post. I’m not sure whether Rose or Henry took the picture.

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5 Responses to On the walk to school

  1. facedaisy says:

    Just came across your blog for teh first time and think its great! So funny and witty, and honest! I’ll definately be following your everyday adventures! Love the gloves going off and on too!

  2. the MomB says:

    I so enjoyed this account. Thanks.

  3. NAB says:

    Been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and I really love your posts. I can relate to you in so many ways, despite not being an American or a Mormon. Please keep writing…and thanks for going through all that trouble to retrieve this post.

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