Why we hide from daylight

Update: As mentioned in my comment below, all the sparklies shifted about a quarter-inch below where I had placed them. Also, you will not see sparklies if you are reading this in a feed reader, and then this post’s title won’t make sense.
2nd Update: It looks like adding that update fixed the shifting problem.

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8 Responses to Why we hide from daylight

  1. zstitches says:

    Hmm, all my carefully-spaced sparkles slid down a quarter-inch. Kinda ruins it. But other glitter-adding sites subjected my computer to hostile takeovers, so I’ll have to live with mis-placed glitter (since I really don’t feel like doing the whole thing over and trying to remember that every glitter spot will appear a quarter-inch lower than where I place it.)

  2. Lili says:

    hahaha, you’re a GENIUS!

  3. OhSusanna says:

    you are so very very funny.

  4. OhSusanna says:

    p.s. I am so glad your baby’s name is not Renesmee.

  5. marymary says:

    I am one who totally didn’t get the joke at first because I read it in Google Reader. I’m so glad I happened to click through today, not only for this hilarious awesomeness, but for the awesomeness of your new banner.

  6. zstitches says:

    Thanks, Mary! I got so many great Halloween graphics from mom last year (when I needed some for a project) that I could probably put up a new banner every day this month (not that I’m going to do that.)

  7. jennie w. says:

    That’s hilarious!

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