Art therapy


Mabel assures me that this drawing was not intended as leverage in her campaign to be a vampire for Halloween instead of being Little Red Riding Hood. (We’re considering how the Red Riding Hood cape might work as a vampire cape. Or she could just wear regular clothes and body glitter, but I’m not sure the 4th grade set would catch that allusion.)

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12 Responses to Art therapy

  1. Spen says:

    Dear Zina,

    I think you meant “illusion”?

    • zstitches says:

      Be careful about putting your tongue in your cheek–it could get stuck that way.

      • zstitches says:

        P.S. Can I wear glitter for my next photo shoot? I hear it’s all the rage.

        • zstitches says:

          Also, clearly I’m lacking sleep (my kind don’t need it!) but now I’m finding myself highly amused by the idea of a “Vampire Yourself!” website that allows you to submit a photo and then puts a sparkly glitter animation all over your skin.

          • Spen says:

            Vampirism can only be transmitted by direct fang-to-jugular contact. Depictions in the media of so called “vampire chasers” have been greatly sensationialized and the practice still remains very abberant and limited.

          • Lili says:

            hahaha! You could support a small country with the revenue you would incur from such a site! Do it!

  2. Acheté says:

    (Somebody has to break the cycle.)

    Your illustration is brilliant, Mabel.

  3. Lili says:

    oh. And I love this illustration.

  4. Hannah says:

    Didn’t you know that Little Red Riding Hood is actually the story of a vampire being chased by a werewolf on her way to grandma’s lair? Ok not really. But why can’t she be both Little Red and a Vampire?

  5. Sadly I think that the 4th graders know all about twilight and would surely think she is the coolest, and has the coolest mom. LOL. I personally like the red riding hood costume idea better though. I have this rule about no ghoulish costumes on children.

    • zstitches says:

      Yeah, I prefer less-ghoulish costumes on kids, too, although she’s old enough that I’m willing to let her try something different. She’s willing to be RRH if it comes to it, though. And she didn’t get the body-glitter joke until I explained it to her.

      Here’s another costume scruple of mine: when kids are costumed as animals, I like for their face to take the place of the animal’s face–which means I never like the costumes you can get at Costco or elsewhere where the animal’s face sits atop the child’s head.

  6. jbug says:

    could she be a quiditch player? (with a broom)

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