And I’m happy to say that that last one’s functioning well

Rose, after successfully reciting our phone number, says: “I have a lot of brains! I have a million brains.” She points to various locations on her forehead and cheeks as she lists all her brains: “My number brain, for remembering numbers, and my letters brain is here, and I have a colors brain, and a clothes brain, and a underwear brain, to help me ‘member to put on clean underwear every day! See, I told you I have a zillion brains.”

Rose last March, using her cupcake-eating brain

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5 Responses to And I’m happy to say that that last one’s functioning well

  1. OhSusanna says:

    I have too many brains to keep track of. Sometimes they all get lost.

  2. Melanie J says:

    That’s stinkin’ hilarious.

  3. marymary says:

    Some of my kids must have been born without their clean underwear brains.

    • zstitches says:

      I wish Rose had a part of her brain that told her not to chew the necklines of her shirts, or the sashes on her dresses, until the fabric is completely stretched out and develops small holes. I swear she’s not going to leave any intact hand-me-downs for Hazel.

  4. jbug says:

    at grandma Betsy’s house, she had 10 brains that she told us about.

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